Choirobolical Fees cover costs of hall hire, musical directorship and insurances. Fees are based on an average of  5 or 6 rehearsals per term. (Adjusted Jan. 2019)

New choristers are welcome to come for 3 introductory nights free of charge. After that time we ask that you pay one of the options below.

Fees can be paid per year which includes a discount or per term or as a casual fee.

Option 1. $370/year. Preferably paid in the first Term. NOTE: 2022 yearly fee is $278 (waged) based on 3 terms  

Option 2. $100/ term.

Option 3. $20 casual fee per session.

Non-waged members are given a fee concession: $270/year or $80/term  NOTE: 2022 yearly fee is $221 (non-waged) based on 3 terms.

Direct banking is preferred. Banking details:

Choirbolical BSB 633000  Account 120540877

Fees can also be paid at rehearsals to the Treasurer: Elspeth

Workshops attract an additional fee.

*PLEASE NOTE – new members are welcome at any time and we encourage you to come to 3 rehearsals free of any fees. If you decide to join you will pay on a casual basis $20/rehearsal or the remaining part of the Term or Year’s fees. Please see Elspeth or Rob at rehearsals if you have any questions.