Choirobolical Fees cover costs of hall hire, musical directorship and insurances. Fees are based on an average of  6 rehearsals per term.

Fees can be paid per year which includes a discount or per term.

Option 1. $350/year which includes music. To be paid in the first Term.

Option 2. $90/ term which includes music.

Non-waged members are given a fee concession please see Catherine.

Direct banking is preferred. Banking details:

Choirbolical BSB 633000  Account 120540877

Fees can also be paid at rehearsals to the Treasurer.

Workshops attract an additional fee.

*PLEASE NOTE – new members are welcome at any time and we encourage you to come to 2 rehearsals free of any fees. If you decide to join you will pay the remaining part of the Term or Year’s fees. Please see Catherine at rehearsals if you have any questions.