Astrid is not going to make it to rehearsal tonight

As Astrid is not going to be able to attend tonight and as many of our members are still crook as well, please watch for a follow up email today before you come to rehearsal tonight.  Rehearsal may be cancelled.  I am awaiting feed back from others to make the decision. Astrid was going to introduce new repertoire and we really don’t have a lot to do. I want to suggest that anyone wanting to participate with VOCE at Park House tonight, that might be an alternative. More as know.

Cheers, Rebecca

Choirbolical performance reminder

Calling all Choirbolicals: We are performing Tues 27 June, 6:00 for 7:30 start: CUA Community Hub, (Credit Union Australia Community Space down from Walton’s Stores, front entrance facing Ruthven)   Please bring your family, friends and anyone you can get to attend as we love applause!

If you wish to have an opportunity to practice for the Tuesday performance, the Elvery’s are having a do it yourself practice at their home, Herbert and Kitchner Street at 4:00pm on Sunday 25 June. Thank you Andrew and Marion!

Cheers, Rebecca

Freedom rehearsal parts

Hi all,

Here they are! Couple of iffy rhythms on my part, but the song is very repetitive, so hopefully if I stuff one up along the way, you will hear it correctly 100 other times.

Of note:

Tenors, I have sung your part largely as the top line of the ‘baritone’ part of the piece. You’re sharing a line with the basses for most of the song. However you share the alto line in the Verses. 

Altos, I have given the tenors the bottom alto line in the verses. However some altos will need to sing the lower harmony in the chorus, in the “Freedom” section.

Freedom – all parts

Freedom – Soprano

Freedom – Alto

Freedom – Tenor

Freedom – Bass


FREEDOM FOV sheet music




Choirbolical Rehearsal

A gentle reminder of our next rehearsal: Tuesday 20 June,  6:45 for a prompt 7:00 start.

Demolay House 90 Margaret Street, opposite Queen’s Park.

And Tues 27 June, 6:45 for 7:00 start: CUA Community Hub, (Credit Union Australia Community Space down from Walton’s Stores, front entrance facing Ruthven)                   No food or drink to be provided. Encourage friends and family to be our audience for this magnificent event. We need an audience!  Gail’s brother, Nev Madsen, may come to take photos.



FREEDOM sheet music!!!!

Hi all,

I’ve just this minute received the sheet music from Paul Jarman for our arrangement of Choirbolical, and have attached it here. As you can see from the inscription at the top of the piece, this is pretty special. The arrangement looks difficult on paper, but after reading through and comparing with the original recording, Paul has stayed very faithful to the original song. So if you’ve listened to it, it shouldn’t seem too frightening.

I am going to record the parts and have them absolutely sent off to you by the end of tonight. Party time at my place. I would appreciate if you could become obsessed with listening to the rehearsal tracks once you have them. This is a very cool opportunity (and also a great song to sing into the future, even if you’re not joining us in Tassie).




Do it ourselves Practice Sundays update 4pm-5..30pm

Feel free to come by for a ‘do-it-ourselves’ practice of our choir music this Sunday (18th and again on 25th ) at the Elvery’s crn Herbert and Mackenzie Streets – a little later than last message – 4pm to 5.30pm. 

Also note that the VOCE minutes from this week are on the website to view. Points to note: extra REHEARSAL on the 27th June will be a  CONCERT for friends and family held  at the Credit Union Community Space down the lane from Walton’s Stores, so start inviting folk to come and hear us before some of us head off to Festival of Voices Hobart.. The Hobart schedule is also attached to the VOCE minutes for your interest.