Whats happening 18 Sep and Esk 14 Oct

What a fantastic Spring Sing we had yesterday!
James and Astrid were magnificent and all the visiting choir members were enthusiastic participants.
Thanks to everyone from Choirbolical (+ groupies ) for contributing such yummy food and flowers and for helping make it work so smoothly.
A special thanks to the planning group for pulling it together, doing all those many extra things that made it such a thoroughly enjoyable day for everyone.
We have 2 rehearsals before the next performance.
On 18 Sep Matt will be going through all songs for the Esk Gala Concert on Sunday 14 October, at the Somerset Civic Centre.

The 3 pieces for the massed choir are –
Why We Sing,    Believe in Life,     Chorus of the Jewish Slaves
Choirbolical will be singing –
The Parting Glass,
Fields of Gold and possibly Thulele Mama  (  the same songs we’ll be singing at the Big Sing 2 weeks later – a perfect extra rehearsal )
The program for 14th Oct:
10.45: Morning tea provided
11.15: Welcome
11.25: Choirs rehearse 3 songs for massed item
12.00 : Lunch break (BYO)
1.30:  Choirbolical’s allocated rehearsal time
2.20: Assemble
2.30:  Concert begins
(Choirbolical is second on the program following the Esk Community Choir.)
4.30: : Finale – Choirs + Orchestra
Afternoon tea provided
As you arrive at rehearsal, please write your name on the list if you’re hoping to be there,
if you need a lift or can provide one to someone else.
It takes about 45mins from Toowoomba.

Job Allocation for Spring Sing

SPRING SING – Sunday 16 September 2018

Allocation of jobs

USQ Liaison Person Eileen
Cash Float and bringing coin donation box Catherine
Set-up on Saturday 15 September, 10.30 am -1.30 pm Lesley, Gail, Stuart, Natalie, Helen, Ann Maree and Pam
Purchasing and bringing cups, coffee, tea, sugar, serviettes and stirrers Catherine
Purchasing and bringing milk, paper plates and forks Gail
Floater/contact person on the day Gail  –  0427 920 559
Bringing choir A-frame, banner and signs Stuart
Picking up printed music from James Cuskelly (prior to the day) Stuart
Signs to be put up early – 7.30-8.00 a.m. Stuart and Gail
Monitoring of coffee and tea tables to ensure supplies of coffee, tea, milk and sugar – there will be two stations.  Urns will need to be filled and ready to go by 8.30 am, 11.15 am and 1.30 pm (need to leave singing rehearsal 15 minutes before)


Catherine (Queen of Coffee/Tea)


Alison B.



Registration Tables – 4 tables x 2 people each.

Registration sheets (prepared by Lesley) and containers for cash on each table.

Music for workshop to be issued at registration.


Stuart (Contact for Registrations)

Chris R, Dino, Ann Maree, Lesley,  Pam, Judy B, Michael/Noel (depending on availability)

Slide Show Ann Maree and Judy B.
Catering – kitchen crew will separate foods suitable for morning tea, ensuring enough is left for lunch, particularly savoury.  Will need to leave singing rehearsal 15 minutes prior to morning tea and lunch. Rebecca and Susie (Kitchen Queen & Princess)

Anna G, Antje, Joe, Stella, Judy B.


BBQ Chris R. and Greg, Ken, Rod
Coffee Van (Michael from Two Moos) Gail
Decorations/flowers Natalie and Helen
Welcome Ushers at the Artsworx entrance (showing people where to register, tea/coffee, theatre, toilets etc) Eileen

Michelle W.

Pam (back up)

Backstage Usher (for people in wheelchairs, choirs needing to change etc) Pam
Welcome Ushers at theatre door – to explain seating according to singing parts as well as watching safety on stairs Bernie



Concert coin collector Lesley, Cathy M.
MC x 2 (workshop and concert) Kent + Loretto
Clean up at end of day EVERYONE


Rehearsal 4th Sep

Spring Sing Announcements for Rehearsal – Tues 4 Sept.

(Last rehearsal before the S.S.)

 We are expecting around 180 people on 16th.

If you are coming to S.S. please

            – sign the attendance sheet

            – list what savoury and sweet dishes you’ll bring

            – check what job/jobs you have been allocated


            – pay $30 waged or $20 unwaged to

                         BSB: 633000        Account: 120540877 with Reference SS2018

            – check your directions to the Arts Theatre (Rough map on website)

ON 16th:

Wear a bright top and black bottoms and your name tag.


            – label food if gluten free/vegetatian ( name on container)

            – bring servers with salads

            – take food straight to the kitchen on southern side of building

               near the ramp  to Rebecca , Susie, Anna, Jo, Antje, Stella.

            – give flowers and vases to Nat and Helen to arrange and place


            – arrive by 7.30am for some jobs  but no later than 8.30.

            – be sure about aspects of jobs you have been asked to do.

            – everyone to welcome visiting choir members

            – everyone to help clean up at the end of the day.

   S S Final Planning Meeting:

            Thursday 6 September, 15 Argyle St.   5.30pm

 Set Up at Arts Theatre:

            Saturday 15 September,  10.00am

Google Map Artworx USQ


Spring Sing final countdown


Over the years Choirbolical has garnered a reputation for hosting a happy and colourful event filled with wonderful music and song, great camaraderie and delicious food.  For the past few months a small number of our members, a Spring Sing Planning Committee, has been working behind the scenes towards achieving that goal once again.

That committee now needs the support of all Choirbolical members to help with the final touches.  Where we need your assistance:

  • An indication of your attendance on 16 September – this helps with our budget planning as well as knowing how many people are available to assist with the numerous jobs that will need to be done on the day.
  • Fees for Choirbolical members are $30 (waged) and $20 (unwaged) – these can be paid ahead of time to the choir’s account, using the reference “SS18 and your name”.
  • An indication of what food you will be bringing on the day – a sweet and a savoury would be very gratefully received. We will be catering for both morning tea and lunch for 180-200 people.
  • We will be decorating the stage area and the food tables with fresh flowers so anything you’re able to contribute from your own gardens, again, would be very gratefully received.
  • We are able to access the venue from 7.30 am on the day, giving us time to put up signs, decorate, set up tables etc.
  • It’s worth noting the dress code for this event – black bottoms (skirts/trousers) and bright, colourful tops (patterned/block colours), together with choir name badges.
  • We only have one more rehearsal night before Spring Sing – flyers to distribute among family and friends, lists for attendance, food contributions and job volunteers will be available again on that night (4 September).

Working together we Choirbolical’s can all enjoy the satisfaction of having created another memorable event filled with song and friendship.

Please contact GAIL on 0427 920 559 or [email protected] if you have any questions.


Tomorrow rehearsal 21st Aug

Hi there,

Tomorrow we have a choir rehearsal 6:45 for a 7pm start at De Molay House.  If anyone would like to meet at Park House before to socialise.  I will be there from about  5:30 give or take 5 mins.  Remember we need to be learning The Parting Glass from the parts that Matt preparted which are in Repertorie.  Listen to the Wailing Jennys to hear how Astrid would like it.  You need to click on the Login  to access the practice parts.  Pleasae send me a text if you can’t login and I can reset your password.

Cheers Lesley