Rehearsal reminder – Test from Post

I am testing who receives this post by email with “Test from Post” in the subject.  I will send out another with “Test from email” in the subject and will send from my personal email so we can get to the bottom of this problem.  If you could reply to my personal email address which one /or both you have received – thank you.

This problem has nothing to do with the way I am posting – verified by Rebecca and Marion!  Simon has done some cleaning behind the scenes so we will see if this has fixed the problem.

This is the post from Tuesday 12 Sep :-

Our next rehearsal 7pm on 19th Sep De Molay House –  for a do it ourselves rehearsal as Astrid is away in NZ.  Bring a plate and stay for a cuppa.

Cheers Lesley

Rehearsal tomorrow 5th Sept

Our 1st Tuesday of the month is tomorrow.

I have 13 participants for the drumming workshop on 9th Sep at 2:30pm at CUA community hub.  We have enough drums and other percussion instruments to have a drumming circle.

Hope to see your smiling face tomorrow 5th Sept at  6:45pm for a 7pm start De Molay House.

Best wishes,


Interested in African drumming workshop after performance on 9th Sep

We need to know how many are interested in a drumming workshop after our performance on the Walton stores stage on 9th Sept?

How many have their own drum to bring?

I am in the process of booking the CUA community hub for this workshop.  It will be from about 2pm for an hour if all the ducks line up!

Please reply with Yes or No and number of drums you can bring.

Best wishes,


Choirbolical Rehearsal reminder

A gentle reminder of our next rehearsal: Tuesday 15 August,  6:45 for a prompt 7:00 start.Demolay House 90 Margaret Street, opposite Queen’s Park.  ALSO,  choir folk who are available for the Languages and Cultures festival coming up on Sunday 20th Aug to stay after Choirbolica rehearsal, for a half hour extra rehearsal to run through the list of songs.

Cheers,  Rebecca

FOV wrap up


Here is a glimpse of choirbolical’s  Festival of Voices experience in Hobart 2017. Pop up performances at markets, concert appearance at Town Hall and hanging at the Singer’s lounge where choirbolical took to the stage AND Joe, Alison and Astrid gave blackboard performances to great applause; AND not forgetting a memorable rendition of Carole King’s Natural Woman led by Astrid.

A fabulous time was had by all 30+ of us. ( Not so fabulous was the flu many of our travellers came down with afterwards.)  Hopefully most are on the mend  for the resumption of rehearsals this week. See you there.

First Pop Up in the Mallin the beautiful Town HallThe freezing markets  Salamanca Pop Up

Astrid’s ‘500 miles’ blowing the audience away!