Next Performance & VOCE meeting

“Choirbolical has been invited to perform at the Winter Chill Big Sing in Tenterfield on Sunday 7 July, organised by Queensland Kodaly Choir.  There will be a workshop in the morning for anybody wishing to attend (Fay White and others will be the facilitators) and then a concert at the Tenterfield Town Hall in the early afternoon.   Matt has made himself available.   We need to know numbers very soon to see whether it is viable for us to attend – could you please let us know at the next rehearsal whether you are able to attend?   If there are enough of us one option might be to hire a small bus.    And thanks again to everybody for a wonderful night on Tuesday – the feedback has been all positive.”  Kent.

A VOCE meeting will be held this coming Thursday 30th 6pm at The Parkhouse. All welcome.

Next REHEARSAL will be June 4th at Demolay 6.45 for a 7pm start.

See you there.

Concert Report

What an absolutely fantastic ‘concert and cake’ fund raiser for the Cancer Council we had on Tuesday night (21.5.19) at De Molay House!

The hall and supper room were set up magnificently making it feel warm and welcoming. The skilled and varied performers, including our blue and yellow choir, received an enthusiasticresponse from the 100 or so people in the audience. The array of delicious cakes provided by our talented members made choosing one piece (or two) a very difficult task.

People were very generous.

Entry donations amounted to over $1000 and all 150 raffle squares were sold making an extra $775. With the contribution from the sale of Dan’s postcards and a few sundries we have been able to give the Cancer Council $1832.30.

A very worthwhile contribution to their much appreciated community support!


It was sad for us that Astrid was too sick to come but to our good fortune, our extremely talented Matt was available to take over the conducting in his enthusiastic and encouraging way.


It was a hugely successful night made possible by everyone in Choirbolical happily contributing with  time and creativity (and delicious cakes) as well as fervent and harmonious singing.

BIG, BIG THANKS to everyone!

A special thanks to the planning group for pulling it together.


PHOTOS – Stuart

Concert & Cake – cancer fundraiser is here.

Below is the program – Matt has kindly stepped in as Astrid I has flu – (best wishes for a speedy recovery)  take an extra look at One Voice everyone – sopranos – you will be singing the ‘solo’ line. 🙂

It is a 7pm start so come early (6.20-6.30) with those cakes and voices. Hall decorators are setting up at 4pm!

Noel’s songs (we join in) are below if I can attach or check in repertoire.

Concert with a Cuppa and Cake for Cancer

Tuesday 21 May


1. Welcome – including short background info leading into…

2. Brief background of Choirbolical who enter singing“Mother Earth” Further intro about Choirbolical etc.

“One Voice” and “Ya Basta”  Choir to rear of hall.

Cancer Council representatives will speak briefly on how funds raised will be used.

3. Joe K. If the Choirbolical men could join Joe on stage and sing the first chorus with him, could Choirbolical then join in from the back of the hall for the final chorus, which he may sing twice?
4. High Altitude Harmony   10 – 15 minutes
5. Claire Birchley 2 songs
6. Noel Keller 2 original songs with Choirbolical/audience invited  join in choruses.
7. Matt Collins  1 song (+ encores)
8. VoiceMale 3 songs, a cappella

BIG THANKS – Directions for Cuppa and Cake.

Raffle Draw  with Bernie @ 8.30      



Concert Updates

Thankyou to everyone for your enthusiasm preparing for the Concert & Cake for Cancer event on Tuesday 21st May. Below are some details and the Program

Choirbolical ‘Gals’ – if you’re still keen to do the ‘Mango Mango’ there is an updated version of the words. We are going to meet this Tuesday (14th) 7pm crn Herbert & Kitchener to ‘polish’ our song and actions & bring the makings of your costume if needed. Message for words or details – Marion-0417703794 / Chrissy-0438 401 519

From Pam:
The Concert has been advertised on the Toowoomba City Council website and will be in the Chronicle ‘In Brief’ section sometime soon.
The more people we have attend, the more we’ll raise for the Cancer Council
Other info to note:
      – setting up the hall will begin at 4pm Tuesday
The Concert needs to start at 7pm
      – everyone bring cake (some gluten free) cut and ready to slide onto individual plates by 6.30 – 6.40pm.
      – give cakes to Charlotte and Rebecca in room on right of front door.
      – donations for entry would be welcome
      – encourage friends to purchase raffle tickets (we have 150 squares)  Excellent prizes!!
      – sit in arranged positions at back of hall ready for movement to front corner.
Singing without music makes us sound even more terrific!
Have fun and make sure your friends do too!
please help with the clean up afterwards


M.C: Brian Hensler


 1. Welcome – including short background info

 2. Choirbolical enter, singing “Mother Earth”

 3. Cancer Council representatives will speak briefly on how funds raised will be used.

 4.  Brief background of Choirbolical who then sing:

“One Voice” and “Ya BastaChoir move to rear of hall.

5. Joe K. ‘Thai Lullaby’ – VoiceMale to join Joe on stage for the first chorus. Choirbolical join in from the back of the hall for the final chorus, may be repeated.

6. High Altitude Harmony on stage;  10 – 15 minutes

7.  Claire Birchley (conductor of Parkinson’s Support Group choir) on stage;  2 songs

8.  Noel Keller  -2 original songs  “When We Were Young”, “Is It Too Much To Ask”   Choirbolical + audience invited to join in choruses.  

9. Astrid Jorgensen  1 song (+ encores!?)

10.  VoiceMale 3 songs, (a cappella)

11. Choirbolical Gals “Mango Mango”

12.  Choirbolical “Fields of Gold” and “Keep on Walking Forward

BIG THANKS – Directions for Cuppa and Cake.

Raffle Draw  with Bernie @ 8.30