No rehearsal this Tuesday

Apologies everyone – the hall is not available for a rehearsal on the 23rd. Our next scheduled rehearsal is on March 2nd. Usual time and place. Sorry if this late cancellation causes any inconvenience.
Thank-you to Morgan and all who attended the Saturday workshop. What a lot of fun and a great sound! Welcome also to new folk who came along.
See you on the first Tuesday next month for more making of music together.

Music for Workshop this Saturday

Please find music for the workshop this Saturday (20th Feb) to download from the Repertoire Tab. Sweet Baby James and Bonse Aba. Scroll to the end of the list!

Note – you do need to have a password login to access the Repertoire page. If you are new to Choirbolical and have not created a login, contact Andrew. [email protected]

Some music will be printed and available on the day, but it would be great if you can have music downloaded on a device or printed ready to go.

Choirbolical Workshop

To start our new year with a new musical director, Morgan Chalmers, Choirbolical will be hosting a Workshop. 

When: this Coming Saturday 20/2/21   @DeMolay Margaret Street. 

Times: 8.15am for a 8.30am start

8.30am-10.00am Session One 

10am – 10.20 break bring your own snack and drink or pre order Take away coffee at one of the cafes nearby. 

10.20 – 11.45 Session Two

Note: we have to vacate DeMolay for another group before 12pm. 

Cost: $15 / $10concession. 

Music: bring Sweet Baby James (James Taylor) if you have a copy. Other music to be supplied on the day.

Don’t forget NO Choir this coming Tuesday. The next rehearsals will be Feb 23rd and March 2nd at 7pm. We look forward to singing together again with COVID compliance and wish Morgan well with his Musical direction of Avenue Q at the Empire Theatre this week. Get along if you can.

Rehearsal Reminder

This coming Tuesday 2nd Feb will be our first rehearsal for 2021. 6.45pm at DeMolay for a 7pm start.
Don’t forget our Workshop coming up too on Saturday morning 20th Feb 8.30am-11.30am.
Music to begin the year will be available on the night and under the repertoire tab (eventually!)

see you there, Marion


After casting our net far and wide in musical director circles we are excited to welcome Morgan Chalmers from right here in Toowoomba. 

Matt who is now happily settled in Brazil was kind enough to give our choir a good rap and put us in touch with Morgan. He is a talented young musician currently working with Shoebox Theatre Company who are putting on Avenue Q at the Empire. If you missed it last time at USQ, or want a good night out, do book tickets.

Morgan also works as a school music teacher, is an excellent tennis player and cricket tragic. 

We are going to enjoy making music together. 

VOCE – to get organised for our return to in-person (COVID safe) rehearsals VOCE will meet this coming Thursday Jan 21st 6pm Cafe63 Southtown. If you would like to be part of the group who keep Choirbolical running smoothly this year please come along (let’s hope it is not a repeat of 2020’s disruption to life!) Contact Rob with your attendance/ apology on 0422543804

REHEARSALS commence – 2nd February – 6.45pm for 7pm start. Please note the COVID protocols that will be in place when you arrive.

WORKSHOP– Saturday morning February 20th @ DeMolay with lunch to follow. 

Put the date into your diary. Details will follow.

LOOKING forward to seeing everyone again in 2021

Happy Christmas holidays

It has been quite a year of singing ‘moments’. Some of them all by our very selves. But it was a delightful way to end the year making this truly ZOOMED recording (with Astrid’s sound engineering to pull it together). For those who missed the recording session -here it is:

 If the link does not work email Rob and he will forward the private YouTube link.

Thankyou to both Matt and Astrid for carrying us through this crazy year. We look forward to our 20th year of Choirbolical in 2021. Stay tuned for what that might look like but if you know anyone who knows anyone that would like to try a musical conducting gig with an amazing bunch of people, get in touch with us!!

zoom & record Tuesday

Tuesday night we will be zooming in from home for our last recording of the year. Find the email from Rob, open up the link about 6.45pm.

Be ready to record a VOICE RECORDING ONLY! e.g. on a phone voice recording ap

Have a set of HEADPHONES you can use or share if there are two of you.

Astrid will manage all the rest. Happy singing.

… and you come to me on a Summer breeze… HOW DEEP IS YOUR LOVE

Home Practice Time!!

Hello all who are hoping to join our Zoom Recording next Tuesday. Now is the time to get ready with some HOME PRACTICE. Here is how to do it:

1) Log in to Repertoire and find the Backing Music Track – hdiyl

2) Count 7 beats and start your “Ahh’ on 8 – there are then 6 full bars of counting 4 plus 2 more beats before the altos come in. It will be important for everybody to get an idea of singing their part in isolation.

3) On Tuesday Astrid will be recording her visual screen of us singing at home on Zoom. You will be watching Astrid conduct on your computer with a headphone in your ear. At the same time you will be recording your voice on a ‘voice memo’ phone ap. It might require a few takes- ha ha. (After – send voice recording directly to Astrid – [email protected])

4) Think about how you will juggle this set up!!  Music laid out so you can look at the screen most of the time, with a spot to put your phone and record. Organise a buddy to sing with if you want – call a friend & work out how you will share the headphones! 

Thankyou to the lovely people who came out to practice ourselves in the hall – we sounded fabulous singing in a circle (shades of Festival of Voices).

ps. Linda is looking forward to seeing you Sunday if you can make it. (Directions & phone number in previous post)