Choirbolical February Workshop with Astrid will be held on…

Saturday 10th February 8.30am – 1.30pm @ DeMolay Hall

Cost :  $20 waged  $10 unwaged

Bring a plate to share for our break

Sorry for the late confirmation, but we have been having trouble finding a suitable venue. Then this week we were notified that our ‘home’ venue is now available.  Hooray!! Further details of the Workshop to follow soon. In the meantime spread the word as it is a great opportunity for new singers to come along as we will be starting new repertoire

Don’t forget our first rehearsal for 2018 will be next Tuesday ( a 5th Tuesday) 30th January @ DeMolay Hall Margaret Street 7pm.


VOCE minutes

VOCE MEETING – 19 December 2017

Present: Rebecca, Kent, Pam, Gail, Stuart, Lesley
Apologies: Marion, Judy W, Chris R
a. Starting the year
• First rehearsal 5th Tuesday in January, 30 January, then Tuesday 6 February
• Workshop – Saturday 10 February to be followed by gathering at Chris R’s place
Action: Kent to check De Molay availability
b. Emails
• We will review at beginning of year but if problems persist Lesley will keep a parallel email list and send them out from her own address
c. Accompanist
• Astrid indicated is useful to have an accompanist. Action: Pam will talk to Melinda.
d. Assistant Conductor
• Proposal to find somebody who can come to rehearsals, no fees and to be paid for any rehearsals/performances where Astrid can’t attend
• Action: Kent to email Sarah Abawi and make approach on behalf of VOCE
e. Performances, incl. Spring Sing
• One substantial performance per quarter
• First quarter – Jazz Club. Action: Marion to book 27 April with Jazz Club, if possible
• Second quarter – Singing at Wilsonton Art Gallery June 16th
• Third quarter – Spring Sing 15 September
• Fourth quarter – Big Sing 28 October
• End of Year concert – early December – Action: Lesley to ask Elaine about Saturday 8 December.
• Other ad hoc performances as they come up through the year, eg. CUA,
f. Fees/finances
g. Repertoire
• Would like continuity through the year, eg. keep some repertoire current after each performance
• Recording of parts – offer to pay for Astrid’s time or other recording options. Possibility of recording parts at rehearsal on phones – to try this and see how it goes