Christmas Music

Hi all,

Here is a list of music that I would like to prepare for our Christmas performances. Quite a few of these have been sung by the choir before, so you may already have some copies. Please bring the following to rehearsal tomorrow:

King – Jingle Bells
We wish you a merry Christmas

I’d also like to include these pieces that we have sung this year:

MFTOY – SATB (My Favourite Time Of Year)
Heyr1 Himna
I wish I knew how it would fel to be free20170219_12235605
Smiley – Theyre-Red-Hot-SATB
People Get Ready SATB
Sho Sholoza



One last piece for printing

Hi all,

I’ve just uploaded one more piece for printing  – please bring it to rehearsal tomorrow. You’ll find it in the ‘repertoire’ section of the website. If you have trouble accessing, email me direct.

To recap, the piece we are learning currently, for performance, are:

1. Home and the Heartland
2. People Get Ready
3. My Favourite Time Of Year
4. I Wish I Knew…
5. Sho sholoza



Freedom rehearsal parts

Hi all,

Here they are! Couple of iffy rhythms on my part, but the song is very repetitive, so hopefully if I stuff one up along the way, you will hear it correctly 100 other times.

Of note:

Tenors, I have sung your part largely as the top line of the ‘baritone’ part of the piece. You’re sharing a line with the basses for most of the song. However you share the alto line in the Verses. 

Altos, I have given the tenors the bottom alto line in the verses. However some altos will need to sing the lower harmony in the chorus, in the “Freedom” section.

Freedom – all parts

Freedom – Soprano

Freedom – Alto

Freedom – Tenor

Freedom – Bass


FREEDOM FOV sheet music




FREEDOM sheet music!!!!

Hi all,

I’ve just this minute received the sheet music from Paul Jarman for our arrangement of Choirbolical, and have attached it here. As you can see from the inscription at the top of the piece, this is pretty special. The arrangement looks difficult on paper, but after reading through and comparing with the original recording, Paul has stayed very faithful to the original song. So if you’ve listened to it, it shouldn’t seem too frightening.

I am going to record the parts and have them absolutely sent off to you by the end of tonight. Party time at my place. I would appreciate if you could become obsessed with listening to the rehearsal tracks once you have them. This is a very cool opportunity (and also a great song to sing into the future, even if you’re not joining us in Tassie).




Before Freedom….

Hi Choirbolical,

Firstly – what a fantastic effort at rehearsal on Tuesday night!!!! I’m really happy with, and thankful for the effort you’ve put into learning your repertoire outside of rehearsals. Please don’t stop!! We’re on the home stretch now and will just need one last push before our upcoming concerts.

We are apparently receiving the George Michael “Freedom” arrangement this week (supposedly tomorrow). As soon as I get this, I will obviously forward it to you all, and I will set about recording some rehearsal tracks ASAP so that you can learn it as quickly as possible.

However – with this extra piece, it just means we will have to dedicate valuable rehearsal time to learn it. Could I ask that you:

  1. Continue frequently listening and practicing along with “Sing Me To Heaven” and “Father Father”. These are 85% complete, so one last little push at home would be much appreciated.
  2. Make sure that you know “I Wish I Knew How It Feels To Be Free”, and “Heyr Himna”, and “Red Hot” from memory – Sing along with them whenever you get the opportunity.
  3. Sing through “E Malama”, “E’we Thina”, and “Mother Earth”, and “Riu Riu” every now and then to keep them fresh in your mind.

I envision that for our last two rehearsals, I will have to spend essentially the entire next rehearsal on June 20th dedicated to learning “Freedom”. We will then use our final rehearsal on June 27th to sing through everything (hopefully twice). So you see, it would be great to have the other songs under your belt, ready to go.



What To Practice Now

Hi all!

Great job on the weekend – with every pop up performance the songs sounded better and better. A really productive day of singing and laughing!!!

As a few more concerts and the Festival of Voices approach us, I thought I should just reiterate again what I would like you to focus on when you find some time to practice. The following pieces are in order of importance:

  1. Father Father. Listen to the track, start to learn from memory.
  2. Sing Me To Heaven. As above.
  3. Listen to “90′ Freedom” by George Michael*****
  4. Red Hot.
  5. Riu, Riu Chiu. Sopranos especially!
  6. I Wish I Knew How It Feels To Be Free. Sounds beautiful, just learn the words
  7. Heyr Himna. Also sounds beautiful, focus on words.
  8. E Malama
  9. Ewe’ Thina.

***** The festival has asked us to learn a George Michael Song to sing at the Bonfire opening ceremony in front of 5000 people. They originally wanted “Faith”, but have now changed it to “Freedom”. Paul Jarman has been commissioned to especially write out an arrangement to suit Choirbolical. This is HUGE! I am so excited. You should become very familiar with this song. Listen to it a number of times, get to know the rhythm of the lyrics, and sing along as often as you can so we know the song really well by the time we receive the arrangement.

Here’s a link to the youtube clip for your convenience:



Repertoire for Upcoming “First Coat” Performances

Dear Singers,

As our first public performance approaches, I am proposing the following list of repertoire to prepare for May 20th:

1. E Malama
2. E’we Thina
3. Heyr Himna Smidur
4. Riu Riu Chiu
5. They’re Red Hot
6. I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free
7. Mother Earth

We will move between pop-up locations, and sing 2 or 3 at each spot.

Please continue learning and listening to “Father, Father”, and “Sing Me To Heaven”, but we might give them a little more time to cook before May 20th.

Happy practicing!

Ewe Thina Lyrics

Hi all, here are the lyrics for “Ewe Thina”, which we have learned by ear in rehearsals.

Ewe Thina

Ewe Thina
Nyathe amadimoni

Ewe Thina
Sizowa nyathe amadimoni
I am working on the practice recordings for “Heyr Himna” today, so check the website tomorrow and they will be ready. Don’t forget to keep listening to “Father Father”, “Sing Me to Heaven”, and “I Wish I Knew…”. We will look at these on Tuesday!



Fundraiser Concert April 9th

Hi all,

Some information and a link to the flyer for a concert in Toowoomba this Sunday, April 9th, that might be of interest to you.  I’m honoured to have one of my own pieces included in the program!



singing of stories flyer A4

Three women composers with Toowoomba connections will be featured in a special fund-raising concert on Sunday 9th April.

Well-known singer and performer, Elaine Coates, with Fay Miller on piano will be presenting “A Singing of Stories -Songs by Australian Women Composers” at St Stephens Church at 3pm.  As well as showcasing works by Australian women, the concert will raise funds for Elaine’s humanitarian aid trip to Uganda to work with children in slum schools and with the African Children’s Choir.

The featured composers are Astrid Jorgensen, musical director of Toowoomba group, Choirbolical; Shannon Gralow, currently starring in “Wicked” at the Empire Theatre and Sharney Russell, jazz icon.

Guest artist will be Sharon Matheson on harp.  

 Tickets are $20 waged and $15 unwaged and are available from Elaine by email or phone 4596 6381.

(Tickets for the Dalby (30th April) and Bundaberg (25th August) concerts will be available soon.)