VOCE meeting Tuesday 13th 6pm

  1. All welcome to attend a VOCE meeting at Pam’s to confirm events for this year. 6pm tomorrow


Minutes of meeting held 13/2/18

Present:  Pam, Lesley, Gail, Stewart, Catherine, Chris R, Marion. Apology: Kent


  • Banner: Confirmed purchase of free-standing Choirbolical banner. (Stewart)
  • Performances:
  • Jazz night  Friday May 11 – confirmed with Astrid. Up to 5 songs, free admission to singers and $15 for partners. 8.40pm to sing in the interval between brackets of a local jazz group. North Toowoomba Bowls club. (Marion)
  • Saturday event – May 12 (Astrid unavailable)
  • Wilsonton Gallery – Saturday June 16 – Dan’s Exhibition opening- details to come (Pam)
  • Spring Sing – USQ available Sunday 16th + Astrid available  A Spring Sing committee to form and start organising from now. (Pam to hand on info & find new co-ordinator)
  • Recording Parts. Astrid unable to provide parts but choristers are welcome to record on phones for their own use. We felt we may need to announce recording times to minimize background noise (chatting!)
  • Badges – people encouraged to wear
  • Announcements – A big thank you to Astrid for a wonderful start of the year Workshop.  FEES reminder. Dates for Diaries (Kent) (Chris – gift)
  • Financial report –  healthy bank balance. Budget for on-going costs including accompanist (Melinda), hall hire, musical director (Astrid), insurance. Could consider spending money: suggestions include portable PA system, Drums, and subsidised drumming workshop, (Lesley to look into another workshop date)
  • Thank you Pam for hosting meeting.

VOCE minutes

VOCE MEETING – 19 December 2017

Present: Rebecca, Kent, Pam, Gail, Stuart, Lesley
Apologies: Marion, Judy W, Chris R
a. Starting the year
• First rehearsal 5th Tuesday in January, 30 January, then Tuesday 6 February
• Workshop – Saturday 10 February to be followed by gathering at Chris R’s place
Action: Kent to check De Molay availability
b. Emails
• We will review at beginning of year but if problems persist Lesley will keep a parallel email list and send them out from her own address
c. Accompanist
• Astrid indicated is useful to have an accompanist. Action: Pam will talk to Melinda.
d. Assistant Conductor
• Proposal to find somebody who can come to rehearsals, no fees and to be paid for any rehearsals/performances where Astrid can’t attend
• Action: Kent to email Sarah Abawi and make approach on behalf of VOCE
e. Performances, incl. Spring Sing
• One substantial performance per quarter
• First quarter – Jazz Club. Action: Marion to book 27 April with Jazz Club, if possible
• Second quarter – Singing at Wilsonton Art Gallery June 16th
• Third quarter – Spring Sing 15 September
• Fourth quarter – Big Sing 28 October
• End of Year concert – early December – Action: Lesley to ask Elaine about Saturday 8 December.
• Other ad hoc performances as they come up through the year, eg. CUA,
f. Fees/finances
g. Repertoire
• Would like continuity through the year, eg. keep some repertoire current after each performance
• Recording of parts – offer to pay for Astrid’s time or other recording options. Possibility of recording parts at rehearsal on phones – to try this and see how it goes

VOCE meeting 25 July

VOCE Meeting

Attending: Pam, Rebecca, Lesley, Gail, Stuart, Catherine, Marion. Apologies: Kent, Dino

AGENDA items

  1. Languages & Cultures Festival: 20th Aug – Astrid not available

ACTIONS show of hands @ rehearsal of singers willing to go / Rebecca to email Chrissie M and Susie F to see if they are willing to help conduct.

  1. November Events:
  2. Friday 10th Nov, Jazz @ Toowoomba North Bowls club
  3. Saturday 11th Nov, Joint Concert with Toowoomba Vocal Ensemble (Elaine Coates)

ACTIONS- a) Marion to add dates & details to website   b) Kent to contact Elaine to confirm with Elaine. Suggest Elaine and Astrid be in touch directly with each other and choose a piece of music to exchange. Next VOCE confirm proposal – venue (CUA or too small?)/ money raiser?/ charity concert? Etc.

  1. Christmas Wonderland: Suggestion that if we participate, our final rehearsal could be Tues 5th December and we offer to walk over and sing a bracket of songs at 8pm. Break-up?

ACTIONS- Check with Astrid if willing/ Marion remove 19th Dec rehearsal from web calendar.

  1. FOV-Festival of Voices wrap up: a) Payment for Astrid – ACTION – Catherine to follow-up with Astrid      b) Report and photos to go on the website. ACTION – Marion to compile report and ask Astrid about photos. c) Andrew to talk at next rehearsal. C) Thankyou to Anna Goldsmith for coordinating communication ACTION–  Pam to organize card/ Gail to get flowers for next rehearsal.
  2. Banner: Stuart to investigate cost of a flag banner with Snap Printing
  3. Amplifier & Risers: Stuart to discuss with Astrid possibility of using an amplifier (hire/borrow to trial). Catherine to check Owen’s Photography portable risers & Stuart other possibilities to give portable height to back row.
  4. Name Tags: Pam to get blanks from Judy and have available for new members from next rehearsal. Encourage everyone to wear?
  5. VOCE admin notebook: have a standard operational procedures login tab on website to access important info, e.g. insurance/ banking/ hall contact & keys/ equipment inc. piano/ webmaster & management/ artwork files/ other choirs contact list ACTIONS- Rebecca to start compiling list/ Marion to arrange new tab for 2018
  6. Emails on Website: who receives and replies to comments/ emails on website. Astrid??
  7. SING into SPRING @ Walton’s Store Stage September 9th – suggesting a later time 12.30 pm or 1pm ACTION: check with Astrid & Pam to check out the market at these times. Lesley to ask about requirements needed to put photos or advertise our performance on the screen.
  8. PHOTOS: a) CUA concert photos taken by Nev Madsen ACTIONS: Pam to get thankyou card/ Lesley to get bottle of wine/ Gail to give them to Nev with our thanks. Marion to ask Astrid about choosing files for the website. CUA have requested photos from this performance and from FOV to include in their newsletter? b) Just Us Choirbolical facebook created by Chris – some photos there can we choose and add some to website which is more accessible for all. Are there more photos out there? Astrid?
  9. New Repertoire; look forward to new music for performances for the rest of year.
  10. Theatre Restaurant – choirbolical table @ theatre restaurant in Ipswich with Clive and Alison? Clive and Alison to bring fliers.
  11. BIG SING: Astrid is not available –Communicate to choir/ show hands those that may attend/ want to sing without Astrid…


VOCE meeting at Pam Wilson’s house 15 Argyle Street  Tuesday 25 July 6:30.


Choirbolical VOCE meeting

An invite to all who wish to assist with the smooth running of Choirbolical.  All are invited to participate!

Meeting Tuesday 13 June, 6:30pm at Pam Wilson’s house,15 Argyle Street Toowoomba.

Hope to see you there!



VOCE Meeting  –  Tuesday 13 June 2017

Present:                  Catherine, Dino, Lesley, Marion, Gail, Pam

Apologies:             Rebecca, Chris R, Kent

  1. ‘Do It Yourself’ practices – Sunday 18 and Sunday25 , 3.30 – 5.00  at Elvery’s
  2. Tues 27 June: CUA Community Hub,  6.45 – 8.30 has been confirmed:  no food or drink to be provided. Encourage friends and family to be our audience for this magnificent event. Gail’s brother, Nev Madsen, may come to take photos.
  3. Camellia Show:   Sunday 16 July,  11.00 – 11.30  Greg Johnson’s response to today’s email – ‘sounds irresistable’ .   Wait for response from President,  Kevin Cottrell and c’tee member, Mike Wells. Marion has checked out the website and it looks quite formal and organised.  It may be too late to be included. Check it out .


4. Walton Store Stage: Lesley has had contact with organisers.   She will check out if it is available on Sunday 16 July  at 1pm  (after a performance at the Camellia Show in the morning)   Saturday 9 September at 11am (instead of Spring Sing). Astrid, how would these suit you?    We have to wait for confirmation of event at Camellia Show.

5. Chris Meibusch Project: Chris is talking to Astrid about our involvement in more recording. It has not been finalised. An email to Chris has explained that we don’t need to purchase any more recording equipment.

6. Hobart:  

a)Catherine has had confirmation that all money and names and contact details have been received  by the organisers.

b) We will take a calico version of our corflute sign to display when doing pop-ups. (Groupie job)

c) Judy will be asked to make ‘Groupie’ badges for accompanying spouses.

d) Our latest Hobart program is attached.

e)`On Friday, mid-morning, arrange a meeting place for all choir members to have last warm-up/practice before first pop-up.

  1. Languages and Cultures Festival – Sunday 20 August.

Submission accepted by organisers.  Requested singing sessions  10.30, 11.30, 12.30 at one position , eg near main entrance.

Other date claimers and discussion topics from previous VOCE meetings:

  1. 10th Nov Jazz Club
  2. 11th Nov Joint concert with Toowoomba Vocal Ensemble
  3. Review of music director’s payments for rehearsals and performances and increase for rehearsals recommended and accounting for performances including Hobart FOV to be made.

Choirbolical Schedule at FoV  2017


Day Dates Schedule Venue Time
Friday 7th July Arrival

Lunchtime Pop-up performance

Bonfire rehearsal as arranged with Emma Porteous


 Singers’ Lounge Performance





Long Gallery








After 7:30pm

Saturday 8th July VISIT Salamanca Market

Pop-up Performance

Workshop with Paul Jarman


Rehearsal for Sharing Our Music “

Sharing Our Music


Singers’ Lounge Performance

Salamanca Market


Long Gallery


Town Hall


Town Hall


Long Gallery










After 10:00pm



Sunday 9th July Farmers Market Pop-up Performance

Sunday Afternoon Choral Concert-


 Rachmaninoff Vigil  



Town Hall



St. David’s Cathedral






Monday 10th July Lunchtime Singing- Vicky Jacobs- BE OUR GUEST! ?



Farewell Song

Town Hall








Choirbolical VOCE meeting and Minutes

A gentle reminder to All Choirbolical members:

VOCE is meeting Tuesday 28 March 6:30 @ 15 Argyle Street Toowoomba  ( Pam’s )

Everyone is welcome to participate!  It is casual and you can share ideas.

We are still formulating our performance schedule and your input is most welcome!



VOCE MEETING – 28.3.17

Present:  Lesley, Marion, Pam, Kent, Catherine

Apologies:   Dino, Chris R, Alison B, Rebecca

  1. Performances:
  1. First Coat festival:  Saturday May 20th choir will perform pop-up performances, meeting  first on lawn in front of Empire Theatre at 9 am for performances 9.30 – 11.30 am to be followed by a shared lunch in a park.  

Action:  Leslie will confirm details with organisers

  1. Tuesday 20 June- performance at Bon Amici.  Walk down after a short rehearsal.

Action:  Dino to explore possibilities.

  1. Toowoomba Performance – proposal for 22nd July.

Action:  Check with Suzie about this date as a possibility.  Canvas other performance ideas with choir.   

  1. Summer Tunes – to investigate being one of the performance groups for this at the end of the year.

Action:   Leslie to follow up.

  1. Jazz Club – possibility of September date.

Action:  Marion to follow up and let us know the outcome from Jazz Club.

  1. Cultures and Languages Festival – 20 August.   Awaiting application form.
  2. Spring Event – 9 September.   Idea to have instrumental/percussion (no experience required)  and voice workshops (Orff person & Astrid).   Target group is Choirbolical and others through word of mouth.  

Action:  Kent to check availability of Choral Hall.    Pam to inform other choirs etc.  Brian to follow up on Orff possibilities and hopefully come along to next Voce meeting

  • Big Sing:  Action: Kent to contact James or Carla to find out details.
  1. Joint concert with Elaine Coates’ choir to help with their fundraising.  Possibly joint performance again at end of year.  

Action:  Kent to contact Elaine.  

    1. Voce membership:   Kent will encourage new members to come along and help out with Voce this year as we really appreciate the new ideas and enthusiasm that newer members bring.
    2. Social activity:  Proposal is to encourage people to come along early for a coffee/glass of wine at 6 pm at Park House, commencing rehearsal 18 April
  • Fees:  looking at possibility of using current balance to cover choir members .  Action:  Action: Kent to discuss with Astrid.
  1. “You’re The Voice” – domestic violence awareness project

Action:  Kent to follow up.

Choirbolical VOCE meeting


VOCE Meeting Minutes –  28.Feb 2017

 Present:               Rebecca, Chris, Alison, Marion, Pam, Astrid (by phone link)

Apologies:            Kent, Catherine, Susie


1. Discussion on up-coming performances/workshops:

– Astrid’s Feb workshop was really enjoyed by everyone (51)despite the heat.

Saturday May 20: ‘First Coat Festival ‘

Lesley and Pam to discuss options for street performances with Grace Dewar.

Tues 20 June:   Bon Amici’s Open Mike night after rehearsal to perform repertoire prepared for Festival of  Voices. (Marion to arrange with owner, Wayne.)

– Other opportunities to perform this repertoire after the Festival of Voices will be explored- possibly  Mary McKillop school  (Susie) or  Jazz Club (Marion )  –  ‘Australian Youth Choir’ in Toowoomba 2-9 July. We will be unable to combine with them.

Fri July 7 – Mon July 10: ‘Festival of Voices’ in Hobart

Sun 20 August:  ‘Languages and Cultures Festival’ in Queen’s Park. (Marion to complete form expressing our interest.)

‘Spring Sing’   –Sat 9 September. Change of format for this year – a smaller workshop mainly for Choirbolical  with a variety of presentations being considered  (Orff , drumming, a second workshop by Astrid)

2. In recognition of her wonderful and generous design work for many Choirbolical flyers et al,  Judy Brewer will be offered a  non- fee paying year in 2017 –  a grateful gesture from all choir members.

3. With many new singers joining rehearsals -an attendance book will be at the door for all to sign. (Phone numbers may be added )   -Plus name tags will be encouraged  (Temporary ones will be available. Extra choir information sheets on hand.

4. Announcements will be made after warm ups each night  to include welcome, reminder of fee payment  yearly or by the end of each quarter [ March, June, Sept, Dec], performance dates, Fof V updates, etc.

5. Festival of Voices:

A  ‘F of V’ co-ordinator will be needed to –

  • collect and distribute names and mobile phone numbers of all attending
  • collect and distribute details of arrivals and departures
  • collect and distribute accomodation details
  • send out a daily group text with details of the day’s events/gatherings.

6. Astrid is in process of adding recording of more complex pieces to the website

7. Rebecca will make a list of current VOCE members with contact details

Next Meeting: Tues 9 May, 6.30 at 15 Argyle Street    


A gentle reminder to All Choirbolical members:

VOCE is meeting Tuesday 28 February 6:30 @ 15 Argyle Street Toowoomba  ( Pam’s )

Everyone is welcome to participate!  It is casual and you can share ideas or offer help.

We are still formulating our performance schedule and input is most welcome!



Voce Minutes


Present:  Pam; Rebecca; Kent; Chris R; Catherine; Noel; Dinah; Carla; Marion

Apologies: Judy B


  • Dates and times for rehearsals next year – hall bookings
  • Fees – review?
  • Finances
  • Coordinating with Elaine Coates
  • Repertoire/music for 2016
  • Recorded parts
  • Performances
  • Accompanist
  1. Fees:  fees will remain the same, but $10 discount if annual payment made in Term 1.
  2. Dates for Rehearsals for 2016:  1st, 3rd & 5th Tuesdays, starting  Tuesday 2nd February – 6th December, 7-8.30 pm and a  ½ day 13th February 8.30 am – 1.30 pm.  Note:  Carla not available Tuesday 29 March, however we may meet then and rehearse ourselves.

Action:  Kent will let Demolay contact person know

  1. Social Gathering:  Chrissy Martin has suggested a pizza function at her place early in the year

Action:  Chris R to approach Chrissy M about idea of having lunch at her place (pizza) after February workshop with Carla

  1. Coordinating with Elaine Coates:

One Day One Choir – September 22nd, International Peace Day & joint concert, suggested by Elaine.

Action:  Pam will invite Elaine to come along to first Voce meeting in2016 and discuss this with us.  

  1. Finances:   All expenses for 2015 have been  covered and current balance is very healthy
  2. Repertoire:  Carla to look at some songs to start us in 2016 and hopefully get parts recorded before rehearsals begin and prepare for performances. Proposed performances are:
  • May (First Coat
  • impromptu performance at Bon Amici’s (June)
  • Languages & Cultures Festival (August)
  • Spring Sing (September)
  • Big Sing (October)
  • joint concert with Elaine Coates’ choirs (November).
  1. Accompanist:  Carla will think about her need for  this and get back to us depending on repertoire.
  2. Ordering Music:  Carla will organise reimbursement/payment with Catherine
  3. Next VOCE meeting Wednesday 27 January 2016, 6.30 pm at Rebecca’s

Voce Minutes 13.10.15

VOCE MEETING – 13 October 2015

Present:  Marion, Catherine, Rebecca, Kent, Pam, Dinah

Apologies:   Judy B

  1. Current membership list – need to confirm who is a current active member of Choirbolical.

Action:  Rebecca to send emails to “unknown” members  for clarification and possible removal

  1. Fees – a few members have not yet paid their fees for 2015.

Action:  Kent to make a verbal reminder at next rehearsal

  1. Current balance -very healthy balance at present.  Carla to be aware that she can purchase music and charge to/be reimbursed by Choirbolical.
  1. Sign for Demolay House

Action:   Andrew to get permission for us to put up a sign.   Details to include:  “Choirbolical – A Community Choir” and web site.

  1. Bus to Big Sing

Action:  Check interest next Tuesday and whether Chris M is interested in helping out.

  1. Introduction to Carla – Carla to come next week to rehearsal and be introduced to everybody and will be added as an administrator to the web site (Action:  Carla to liaise with Marion)
  1. Starting date for rehearsals next year:  Tuesday 2 February
  1. Proposed ½ day workshop with Carla – Saturday 13th February – this will allow one rehearsal to kick off the year and then the workshop to follow the week after.
  1. Starting Time for 2016.   Suggestion of 7 pm start.

Action:  Check with everybody next week before making a decision

  1. Repertoire:  VOCE would appreciate meeting with Carla before the end of this year to discuss ideas about repertoire for 2016

Action:  Meet with Carla early December – VOCE Meeting 6.30 pm Tuesday 1 December at Rebecca’s place.

  1. Christmas Breakup – 28 November at Rattrays’ place:  to invite Carla to come along as well
  1. One Day One Choir event –

Action:  To invite Elaine C to next Voce meeting (Tuesday 1 December) to discuss further and also to discuss possibility of joint concert.  Pam will send email to Elaine


  1. Spring Sing:  Saturday 10 September at the same venue.

Action:  Pam will email James C to ask him to lock in that date

VOCE minutes 2015

VOCE MEETING – 21.1.15

Present:  Marion, Judy, Kent, Loretto, Judy B

Apologies:  Rob

  1.   Keyboard purchased – thanks Rob & Astrid.
  1. Workshop with Astrid for new members and to get stuck into new repertoire:  1 March proposed date (changed from 15 February), dependent on availability of hall

Action:  Andrew to check availability of hall

  1. Spring Sing:  James Cuskelly has confirmed availability for Saturday 6 September.  He and Astrid will co-facilitate the workshop.  Queensland Kodaly Choir will attend and perform in the concert.   This gives us time to invite other choirs so that they can put it in their yearly program.  Toowoomba Vocal Ensemble to be invited.

Action:  Kent will email Elaine Coates to invite her choirs to participate.  Request a response by end February to facilitate planning.   Judy B will contact Warwick people.   Loretto to contact Pam re her Warwick contacts.  Kent will contact Penny Davies/Stanthorpe.

  1. Introductions to new members;  flyers for new members with information about fees, rehearsals, performances etc.


  1. Marion to prepare an information flyer which can be given either in hard copy or emailed to new members
  2. Noel & Loretto to share responsibility for welcoming new members when they appear
  1. Fees.

Action:  Rob to go over the current arrangements on the first night.

  1. Nibbles:    First and last rehearsals for each term.
  1. Performance in 1st half of the year at a Toowoomba community event.

Action:  Loretto to send an email out soliciting ideas from Choir members to be considered by VOCE

  1. Social events;  aim is to have one social event for each term.   Term 1 -  Workshop; Term 2 –

Marion & Andrew will invite choir to a joint meal at their place to bring instruments, songs, selves

  1. Music.  Astrid is organising pieces to start the year with


VOCE Meeting – 31.3.15

Present:  Chris R, Dinah, Pam W, Loretto, Marion, Kent

Apologies:  Judy W

  1. Spring Sing: Agreement to hire USQ Arts Theatre for $420 for the whole day.  Comes with piano (choice of 2 grand pianos), use of facility for the entire day.  Need to provide the following:
  1. Event-specific risk and safety plan (Action:  Marion to provide Pam with template used in school)
  2. Confirmation of technical requirements (eg. lighting)
  3. Completed and signed site licence (Action:  Pam and sub-committee to finalise)
  4. Full payment in advance but 60 day cancellation policy (Action:  Pam and sub-committee to advise Catherine of payment details)
  5. Need to provide insurance details of PL coverage of $10,000,000 (Action:  Catherine to provide copy of insurance coverage to Pam and sub-committee)

Action: Next Tuesday to meet at USQ Arts Theatre at 4.00 pm to check out the venue.  Anybody welcome to come.

Much thanks and appreciation to sub-committee for work done so far.

  1. Pop-up Performances – Saturday 6 June, 10 am – 12 noon

Action:  To meet at Groundup at 9 am next Tuesday and check out venues.    Suggestions are Cobb & Co, Groundup, Village Green, in front of street art installations.

  1. Festival of Voices:   John Hughes will be the secretariat for Hobart.  We will establish an email group next week to help with payment details.



Present:  Loretto, Dinah, Rebecca, Kent, Noel, Judy B, Astrid, Marion, Ritamay

Apologies:   Pam, Chris R

  1. VOCE Structure – review and how to communicate to choir members

To hold over to next meeting

  1. How to manage information to choir in rehearsal 

Action:  One member of VOCE to give very quick update on business issues;  this will be limited to 5 minutes maximum in order not to take up too much singing time

  1. Rebecca and emails

Rebecca will send emails that are about choir business only.  Members to make their own decisions what they wish to send independently and privately to choir members

  1. Spring Sing update

Agreement on fees to presenters as per proposal by Pam

  1. Follow-up on fees  and reminders

A number of choir members have not yet paid their fees.  A gentle/firm reminder will be made at rehearsals to check with Catherine if you are not sure whether you have paid

Action:  Email will go out explaining fee structure to all members

  1. Payment for Astrid for Tasmania

Proposal is to offer Astrid a contribution towards her time as choir director for performances in Hobart based on the number of performances.

Action:  Kent will communicate this offer to Astrid

  1. Astrid’s proposal to offer low fee places in choir

Action:  Announcement to choir in  email to go out from Loretto that inability to make payment should not be an obstacle to attending choir.   Loretto and Rebecca to be the people to contact for negotiation of fees

  1. Invitation to sing at Margaret St Markets 6th or 20th September

Proposal for 20th September,  performances 10 am and 11 am.

Action:  Loretto will email Chrissy to confirm

  1. Performance at Westhaven RSL Home

Suggested that this could be a performance in November for us to sing all of this year’s repertoire (Hobart, Spring Sing, Big Sing songs), and then to have a meal together afterwards.

Action:  Pam to check possible dates/times with Westhaven in second half of November, and to check Astrid’s availability

  1. Astrid’s Absence;

Astrid will be in Texas 18th August.   Possibility of 11th – Marion will check hall availability


Spring Sing Planning  -  from meeting 19.7.15

1. Flyer flyer+ accompanying email,  RSVP date, payment request, list of names,  special dietary needs, sent to interested choirs this week. (Including Cheep Trill and The Harmony Choir) Pam
2. RSVP set for 21 August
3.Payment Preference: 1. Choirbolical Bendigo AccountBSB: 633000

Acc No: 1205 40877

2. Cheque to Catherine

3. Pay on the day

All choirs+


4. Name Tags: -Request for list of names from each choir by RSVP date to Pam- Judy will prepare individual tags + blank spares

-Noel to  arrange printing and cutting at TAFE

-Rebecca will check bulk purchase of plastic holders

– set up on table at entrance

– signatures in attendance book/sheet (name adn choir)

Judy, Noel, Rebecca
5.Registration 2 tables set up if pre-payments are minimalChange


Dinah, Chris, Helen +
6. Catering: – BBQ suggestion from Chris. Greg offered to provide one BBQ and cook- Noel will check feasibility with Mark M. then we decide on best option

-Catherine has info from W’worths

-Maurice F has prices from Spar IGA

– Order platters, sausages etc

– Collect food

– arrange payment

Chris, Catherine,
7. Kitchen Duties Setting up, tables etcCleaning up

Urns tea/coffee/sugar/milk/cups/serviettes/spoons/juice

Recycling cups

Table cloths (Mark has offered)

Catherine (supplies)Rebecca to


8. Flowers, greenery For tablesPots for stage Helen W
9. Venue Issues 1.Risk Assessment2. Feasibility of recording concert+ cost

3.Tech and Staff requirements,

4. Site licence

5. Payment and evidence of public liability

Catherine + MarionNoel to ask Mark M

Catherine, Pam

10. Direction Signs For outside buildingCheck current A3 signs position Catherine
11.  Coffee vanTwo Moos Before workshopMorning tea Dinah , Kent?(Liaise with Michael)
12. Gifts for presenters Wine/ flowers ?? Loretto
13. Info to Choirbolical members Flyer + payment+ morning tea+ volunteers Rebecca
14. M.C. Welcome to choirs, housekeeping, details of program, time keeping, thanks Noel


VOCE minutes 2014

Archived Voce minutes from 2014

VOCE Meeting  -  Tues 8 April, 2014

Present: Loretto, Dinah, Kent, Jane, Rebecca, Judy W., Pam, Astrid (on Skype)

Apologies: Catherine, Marion

1. Performance in the first half of the year:

Options discussed : Flash Mob at Rep Theatre

Jazz Club gig (performing with another local person)

Song at Dan Wilson’s 40th birthday Art Show

Choir festival in Tasmania

Our own concert/musical night

Decision: Dan’s 40th Art Show on Sat 14 June at 2.30pm

Wilsonton Art Gallery (Wilsonton  Shopping Centre)

followed by

Choir Party at Loretto’s place

Bring own food and drink

Performance options for consideration for next year:

Walk for Refugees on Palm Sunday

Disability Awareness Week

RSL Retirement Village Concert!

2. Spring Sing: Saturday 6 September

Venue: Pam to investigate Fairholme, Grammar, Downlands, Glennie asnumber of participants could be high. (Kent to confirm numbers )

Leaders: James Cuskelly and Astrid

Choirs:Choirbolical, Kodaly, T’ba Vocal Ensemble, Women in Harmony,

Viva la Musica (Warwick), Pittsworth Choir (Jane to invite),

Awakening Voices of Harmony -Indigenous choir in Warwick  (Kent/Pam to follow up)

Catering:Choirbolical members to bring a sweet and savoury plate

Cost:$20 waged; $10 unwaged

Program: 9.00 – Registration

9.30 – Workshop

11.00 – Morning tea

11.30 – Workshop

1.00 – Lunch

Break/ rehearsal for concert

3.00 – Concert

3. While Astrid’s Away

-  23 June – 29 July

– Astrid to investigate the possibility of a replacement conductor

-Recordings of all pieces will be on the website

– July 1 and 15 could be used for parts practice at De Molay or at people’s homes.

– In preparation for the Big Sing, an extra practice may be called in August (5th, 29th, 26th)

4.  Possible rehearsals in school holiday time

Historically Choirbolical has operated on the school term basis.  Kent raised for discussion the possibility of meeting during school holidays if these occurred over our usual rehearsal times of the first and third Tuesdays of the month.  Astrid is open to the possibility.  Some of the issues to consider would be the increase in fees necessary to cover what would be 2 or 3 extra rehearsals in the year.  Further discussion to follow.

Pam Wilson minute taker

VOCE Meeting – 10.6.14

Present:  Marion, Pam, Loretto, Dinah, Rebecca, Kent, Jane, Judy W

Apologies:  Catherine, Judy B, Noel

  1. Spring Sing:
  1. Glennie Concert Hall has been booked as a venue.    Need a large venue because over 100 choristers confirmed to attend.
  2. Choirs/number attending:
  • Choirbolical – 20-25
  • Pittsworth Choir – 20
  • Viva La Musica (Warwick) – 20
  • T/ba Vocal Ensemble – 12
  • Women  In Harmony – 20
  • Qld Kodaly Choir  – 50
  1. Publicity – work up flyer from last year.

Action:  Ask Judy B to update last year’s flyer with new information (directions via Vacy St, where people can park) and include Concert information

Action:  Kent to send flyer to participating choirs, requesting that they give information about vegetarian/gluten free attendees for catering puposes.

  1. Registration Table – Dinah, Judy, Chris and Marion
  2. Times:
  • Registration – 9 am
  • Workshop start – 9.30 am
  • Morning Tea – 11.00 – 11.45 am
  • Workshop – 11.45
  • Lunch 1.15
  • Concert – 2.30 pm
  1. Catering:
  • Allocated $750 for sandwiches/wraps for 150 participants.
  • Choirs asked to send names of people who are gluten free/vegetarian

Action:  Jane to order sandwiches and also coordinate coffee/milk/tea/cups etc

  1. Languages & Cultures Festival – suggestion that Choirbolical could be one of the “roving” choirs.    Date is Sunday 10 August – Astrid is available.

Action: Marion will send in expression of interest to organisers and if accepted, we will go ahead.  

  1. Astrid’s 3-session absence in July:  we will self-manage the rehearsals – practice in parts (each part to bring recording of their songs to practice with) and then spend some of the night coming together with all parts, etc.
  2. Meal allowance for Astrid.   Agreed to cover this.

Action:  Catherine to include in payment