Choirbolical VOCE meeting and Minutes

A gentle reminder to All Choirbolical members:

VOCE is meeting Tuesday 28 March 6:30 @ 15 Argyle Street Toowoomba  ( Pam’s )

Everyone is welcome to participate!  It is casual and you can share ideas.

We are still formulating our performance schedule and your input is most welcome!



VOCE MEETING – 28.3.17

Present:  Lesley, Marion, Pam, Kent, Catherine

Apologies:   Dino, Chris R, Alison B, Rebecca

  1. Performances:
  1. First Coat festival:  Saturday May 20th choir will perform pop-up performances, meeting  first on lawn in front of Empire Theatre at 9 am for performances 9.30 – 11.30 am to be followed by a shared lunch in a park.  

Action:  Leslie will confirm details with organisers

  1. Tuesday 20 June- performance at Bon Amici.  Walk down after a short rehearsal.

Action:  Dino to explore possibilities.

  1. Toowoomba Performance – proposal for 22nd July.

Action:  Check with Suzie about this date as a possibility.  Canvas other performance ideas with choir.   

  1. Summer Tunes – to investigate being one of the performance groups for this at the end of the year.

Action:   Leslie to follow up.

  1. Jazz Club – possibility of September date.

Action:  Marion to follow up and let us know the outcome from Jazz Club.

  1. Cultures and Languages Festival – 20 August.   Awaiting application form.
  2. Spring Event – 9 September.   Idea to have instrumental/percussion (no experience required)  and voice workshops (Orff person & Astrid).   Target group is Choirbolical and others through word of mouth.  

Action:  Kent to check availability of Choral Hall.    Pam to inform other choirs etc.  Brian to follow up on Orff possibilities and hopefully come along to next Voce meeting

  • Big Sing:  Action: Kent to contact James or Carla to find out details.
  1. Joint concert with Elaine Coates’ choir to help with their fundraising.  Possibly joint performance again at end of year.  

Action:  Kent to contact Elaine.  

    1. Voce membership:   Kent will encourage new members to come along and help out with Voce this year as we really appreciate the new ideas and enthusiasm that newer members bring.
    2. Social activity:  Proposal is to encourage people to come along early for a coffee/glass of wine at 6 pm at Park House, commencing rehearsal 18 April
  • Fees:  looking at possibility of using current balance to cover choir members .  Action:  Action: Kent to discuss with Astrid.
  1. “You’re The Voice” – domestic violence awareness project

Action:  Kent to follow up.

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Singing with other revellers at the Anzac dawn service got me invited to join Choirbolical. I am originally from Seattle and I'm now a proud Aussie citizen. The high standard and quick humour of our director makes the hard work really rewarding. The choir is a welcoming, fun and committed group ready to take on the next song. Come sing with us!

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