VOCE minutes

VOCE MEETING – 19 December 2017

Present: Rebecca, Kent, Pam, Gail, Stuart, Lesley
Apologies: Marion, Judy W, Chris R
a. Starting the year
• First rehearsal 5th Tuesday in January, 30 January, then Tuesday 6 February
• Workshop – Saturday 10 February to be followed by gathering at Chris R’s place
Action: Kent to check De Molay availability
b. Emails
• We will review at beginning of year but if problems persist Lesley will keep a parallel email list and send them out from her own address
c. Accompanist
• Astrid indicated is useful to have an accompanist. Action: Pam will talk to Melinda.
d. Assistant Conductor
• Proposal to find somebody who can come to rehearsals, no fees and to be paid for any rehearsals/performances where Astrid can’t attend
• Action: Kent to email Sarah Abawi and make approach on behalf of VOCE
e. Performances, incl. Spring Sing
• One substantial performance per quarter
• First quarter – Jazz Club. Action: Marion to book 27 April with Jazz Club, if possible
• Second quarter – Singing at Wilsonton Art Gallery June 16th
• Third quarter – Spring Sing 15 September
• Fourth quarter – Big Sing 28 October
• End of Year concert – early December – Action: Lesley to ask Elaine about Saturday 8 December.
• Other ad hoc performances as they come up through the year, eg. CUA,
f. Fees/finances
g. Repertoire
• Would like continuity through the year, eg. keep some repertoire current after each performance
• Recording of parts – offer to pay for Astrid’s time or other recording options. Possibility of recording parts at rehearsal on phones – to try this and see how it goes

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