Choirbolical VOCE meeting

An invite to all who wish to assist with the smooth running of Choirbolical.  All are invited to participate!

Meeting Tuesday 13 June, 6:30pm at Pam Wilson’s house,15 Argyle Street Toowoomba.

Hope to see you there!



VOCE Meeting  –  Tuesday 13 June 2017

Present:                  Catherine, Dino, Lesley, Marion, Gail, Pam

Apologies:             Rebecca, Chris R, Kent

  1. ‘Do It Yourself’ practices – Sunday 18 and Sunday25 , 3.30 – 5.00  at Elvery’s
  2. Tues 27 June: CUA Community Hub,  6.45 – 8.30 has been confirmed:  no food or drink to be provided. Encourage friends and family to be our audience for this magnificent event. Gail’s brother, Nev Madsen, may come to take photos.
  3. Camellia Show:   Sunday 16 July,  11.00 – 11.30  Greg Johnson’s response to today’s email – ‘sounds irresistable’ .   Wait for response from President,  Kevin Cottrell and c’tee member, Mike Wells. Marion has checked out the website and it looks quite formal and organised.  It may be too late to be included. Check it out .

4. Walton Store Stage: Lesley has had contact with organisers.   She will check out if it is available on Sunday 16 July  at 1pm  (after a performance at the Camellia Show in the morning)   Saturday 9 September at 11am (instead of Spring Sing). Astrid, how would these suit you?    We have to wait for confirmation of event at Camellia Show.

5. Chris Meibusch Project: Chris is talking to Astrid about our involvement in more recording. It has not been finalised. An email to Chris has explained that we don’t need to purchase any more recording equipment.

6. Hobart:  

a)Catherine has had confirmation that all money and names and contact details have been received  by the organisers.

b) We will take a calico version of our corflute sign to display when doing pop-ups. (Groupie job)

c) Judy will be asked to make ‘Groupie’ badges for accompanying spouses.

d) Our latest Hobart program is attached.

e)`On Friday, mid-morning, arrange a meeting place for all choir members to have last warm-up/practice before first pop-up.

  1. Languages and Cultures Festival – Sunday 20 August.

Submission accepted by organisers.  Requested singing sessions  10.30, 11.30, 12.30 at one position , eg near main entrance.

Other date claimers and discussion topics from previous VOCE meetings:

  1. 10th Nov Jazz Club
  2. 11th Nov Joint concert with Toowoomba Vocal Ensemble
  3. Review of music director’s payments for rehearsals and performances and increase for rehearsals recommended and accounting for performances including Hobart FOV to be made.

Choirbolical Schedule at FoV  2017


Day Dates Schedule Venue Time
Friday 7th July Arrival

Lunchtime Pop-up performance

Bonfire rehearsal as arranged with Emma Porteous


 Singers’ Lounge Performance





Long Gallery








After 7:30pm

Saturday 8th July VISIT Salamanca Market

Pop-up Performance

Workshop with Paul Jarman


Rehearsal for Sharing Our Music “

Sharing Our Music


Singers’ Lounge Performance

Salamanca Market


Long Gallery


Town Hall


Town Hall


Long Gallery










After 10:00pm



Sunday 9th July Farmers Market Pop-up Performance

Sunday Afternoon Choral Concert-

 Rachmaninoff Vigil


Town Hall



St. David’s Cathedral






Monday 10th July Lunchtime Singing- Vicky Jacobs- BE OUR GUEST! ?


Farewell Song

Town Hall








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Singing with other revellers at the Anzac dawn service got me invited to join Choirbolical. I am originally from Seattle and I'm now a proud Aussie citizen. The high standard and quick humour of our director makes the hard work really rewarding. The choir is a welcoming, fun and committed group ready to take on the next song. Come sing with us!

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