Before Freedom….

Hi Choirbolical,

Firstly – what a fantastic effort at rehearsal on Tuesday night!!!! I’m really happy with, and thankful for the effort you’ve put into learning your repertoire outside of rehearsals. Please don’t stop!! We’re on the home stretch now and will just need one last push before our upcoming concerts.

We are apparently receiving the George Michael “Freedom” arrangement this week (supposedly tomorrow). As soon as I get this, I will obviously forward it to you all, and I will set about recording some rehearsal tracks ASAP so that you can learn it as quickly as possible.

However – with this extra piece, it just means we will have to dedicate valuable rehearsal time to learn it. Could I ask that you:

  1. Continue frequently listening and practicing along with “Sing Me To Heaven” and “Father Father”. These are 85% complete, so one last little push at home would be much appreciated.
  2. Make sure that you know “I Wish I Knew How It Feels To Be Free”, and “Heyr Himna”, and “Red Hot” from memory – Sing along with them whenever you get the opportunity.
  3. Sing through “E Malama”, “E’we Thina”, and “Mother Earth”, and “Riu Riu” every now and then to keep them fresh in your mind.

I envision that for our last two rehearsals, I will have to spend essentially the entire next rehearsal on June 20th dedicated to learning “Freedom”. We will then use our final rehearsal on June 27th to sing through everything (hopefully twice). So you see, it would be great to have the other songs under your belt, ready to go.



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