Extra Rehearsals

A quick reminder that there is an extra rehearsal with Morgan tonight (Tues 27th) 7pm at East Creek Neighbourhood Centre.

Sunday ‘do-it-ourselves’ rehearsals will be held the following two Sundays Oct 2nd & 9th @ 4pm. Meet at the cannon in the Botanical Gardens (Campbell St side) or look around for where we find a spot. If it is raining on the day check the website for updates.

Practice Files, Extra Rehearsal & News

There are many practice files – music and audio under our Repertoire tab. These include our little recordings we made after the great rehearsal last week with Tess, and the music for A Million Nightingales is now there.

Morgan is available for an extra rehearsal coming up this coming Tuesday 27th 7pm for those who can make it. VENUE – EAST CREEK Neighbourhood Centre – Kitchener Street between James & Herries (parking available). This is a new venue we will try for additional rehearsals.

Don’t forget to check out Eligh’s musical – tickets available; https://www.empiretheatre.com.au/event/1107/baitman-the-musical

Happy Spring Sing Rehearsing.

It’s Spring- rehearsals & more

Now it is Spring – it’s nearly SPRING SING time. Don’t forget to register soon and share 21st SPRING SING invitation with others – individuals and choirs welcome.

Registration link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdrj1_GtgnX3LFiAhxGbhKAvM5d0Z7HN-wRCoMENq4t2bzXkA/viewform?usp=pp_url

Rehearsals coming up:

Tuesday 20th Sept – with Tess Laird & Morgan starting 7pm

Tuesday 4th Oct – with Margaret (video) Morgan 7pm – see new music in repertoire

Tuesday 18th Oct – with Morgan.

Extra own rehearsals may be arranged.

Saturday 22nd Oct – our 21st party & rehearsal sing – all welcome to register with above link.

Music & Practice

As we get closer to performing don’t forget all music and many practice tracks are available under the Repertoire tab. A little practice between rehearsals/ listening to tracks/ and looking at the music will help Morgan and our guest conductors get us over the line to polished performances! Good luck and see you soon.

Rehearsal this Tuesday 7pm

A reminder that this coming Tuesday 6/9 we will have another of our guest conductors Tess Laird join us 6.45pm for a 7pm start to begin learning two pieces of music. See repertoire page. Some music will be available on the night. Download/print if you can OR find your old music if you are one of the Choirbolicals who goes right back!