Concert & Cake – cancer fundraiser is here.

Below is the program – Matt has kindly stepped in as Astrid I has flu – (best wishes for a speedy recovery)  take an extra look at One Voice everyone – sopranos – you will be singing the ‘solo’ line. 🙂

It is a 7pm start so come early (6.20-6.30) with those cakes and voices. Hall decorators are setting up at 4pm!

Noel’s songs (we join in) are below if I can attach or check in repertoire.

Concert with a Cuppa and Cake for Cancer

Tuesday 21 May


1. Welcome – including short background info leading into…

2. Brief background of Choirbolical who enter singing“Mother Earth” Further intro about Choirbolical etc.

“One Voice” and “Ya Basta”  Choir to rear of hall.

Cancer Council representatives will speak briefly on how funds raised will be used.

3. Joe K. If the Choirbolical men could join Joe on stage and sing the first chorus with him, could Choirbolical then join in from the back of the hall for the final chorus, which he may sing twice?
4. High Altitude Harmony   10 – 15 minutes
5. Claire Birchley 2 songs
6. Noel Keller 2 original songs with Choirbolical/audience invited  join in choruses.
7. Matt Collins  1 song (+ encores)
8. VoiceMale 3 songs, a cappella

BIG THANKS – Directions for Cuppa and Cake.

Raffle Draw  with Bernie @ 8.30      



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