Concert Report

What an absolutely fantastic ‘concert and cake’ fund raiser for the Cancer Council we had on Tuesday night (21.5.19) at De Molay House!

The hall and supper room were set up magnificently making it feel warm and welcoming. The skilled and varied performers, including our blue and yellow choir, received an enthusiasticresponse from the 100 or so people in the audience. The array of delicious cakes provided by our talented members made choosing one piece (or two) a very difficult task.

People were very generous.

Entry donations amounted to over $1000 and all 150 raffle squares were sold making an extra $775. With the contribution from the sale of Dan’s postcards and a few sundries we have been able to give the Cancer Council $1832.30.

A very worthwhile contribution to their much appreciated community support!


It was sad for us that Astrid was too sick to come but to our good fortune, our extremely talented Matt was available to take over the conducting in his enthusiastic and encouraging way.


It was a hugely successful night made possible by everyone in Choirbolical happily contributing with  time and creativity (and delicious cakes) as well as fervent and harmonious singing.

BIG, BIG THANKS to everyone!

A special thanks to the planning group for pulling it together.


PHOTOS – Stuart

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