Christmas Singing

Pam has been sent some information about Toowoomba’s Inaugural Christmas Tree Festival at St Luke’s and Choirbolical has been invited to sing on Wednesday 12th Dec between 7-8pm with a couple of 20-25min brackets. What does everyone think? We will need to get back to the organizers soon.

3 thoughts on “Christmas Singing

  1. Sounds good. Did we get an invite to Burstows Christmas lights as well? I guess it would be same repetoire if we were doing both?

  2. I think it sits well with our “community” ethos to contribute to the program. But I’m confused – is the St Lukes festival the same as the Burstows Lights or are they different events?

  3. Yes, we’ve been invited to two Christmas events – St Luke’s and Burstows. The feeling was from choir members on tuesday that we could have the same repetoire and manage both if they don’t clash.

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