Hi all,

As promised – the parts for I Shall Not Walk Alone are below.

I recorded them all with the other parts very softly in the background so you can get used to finding your parts while hearing the other voices. There is also a “soloists” mp3 – if you end up with a solo you can practice along with this file.

N.B. Tenors – you will notice that I changed a few notes of yours at bars 45-47. We shall discuss this at our rehearsal tomorrow.


I Shall Not Walk Alone Soloists

I Shall Not Walk Alone Soprano

I Shall Not Walk Alone Alto

I Shall Not Walk Alone Tenor

I Shall Not Walk Alone Bass

If you want to download these files, right click on the links above and select “Save link as”. The files should then download to your computer.

And here is the file for the Alleluia music:



Let me know if there are any issues!



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