Voce Minutes 13.10.15

VOCE MEETING – 13 October 2015

Present:  Marion, Catherine, Rebecca, Kent, Pam, Dinah

Apologies:   Judy B

  1. Current membership list – need to confirm who is a current active member of Choirbolical.

Action:  Rebecca to send emails to “unknown” members  for clarification and possible removal

  1. Fees – a few members have not yet paid their fees for 2015.

Action:  Kent to make a verbal reminder at next rehearsal

  1. Current balance -very healthy balance at present.  Carla to be aware that she can purchase music and charge to/be reimbursed by Choirbolical.
  1. Sign for Demolay House

Action:   Andrew to get permission for us to put up a sign.   Details to include:  “Choirbolical – A Community Choir” and web site.

  1. Bus to Big Sing

Action:  Check interest next Tuesday and whether Chris M is interested in helping out.

  1. Introduction to Carla – Carla to come next week to rehearsal and be introduced to everybody and will be added as an administrator to the web site (Action:  Carla to liaise with Marion)
  1. Starting date for rehearsals next year:  Tuesday 2 February
  1. Proposed ½ day workshop with Carla – Saturday 13th February – this will allow one rehearsal to kick off the year and then the workshop to follow the week after.
  1. Starting Time for 2016.   Suggestion of 7 pm start.

Action:  Check with everybody next week before making a decision

  1. Repertoire:  VOCE would appreciate meeting with Carla before the end of this year to discuss ideas about repertoire for 2016

Action:  Meet with Carla early December – VOCE Meeting 6.30 pm Tuesday 1 December at Rebecca’s place.

  1. Christmas Breakup – 28 November at Rattrays’ place:  to invite Carla to come along as well
  1. One Day One Choir event –

Action:  To invite Elaine C to next Voce meeting (Tuesday 1 December) to discuss further and also to discuss possibility of joint concert.  Pam will send email to Elaine


  1. Spring Sing:  Saturday 10 September at the same venue.

Action:  Pam will email James C to ask him to lock in that date

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