Voce Minutes


Present:  Pam; Rebecca; Kent; Chris R; Catherine; Noel; Dinah; Carla; Marion

Apologies: Judy B


  • Dates and times for rehearsals next year – hall bookings
  • Fees – review?
  • Finances
  • Coordinating with Elaine Coates
  • Repertoire/music for 2016
  • Recorded parts
  • Performances
  • Accompanist
  1. Fees:  fees will remain the same, but $10 discount if annual payment made in Term 1.
  2. Dates for Rehearsals for 2016:  1st, 3rd & 5th Tuesdays, starting  Tuesday 2nd February – 6th December, 7-8.30 pm and a  ½ day 13th February 8.30 am – 1.30 pm.  Note:  Carla not available Tuesday 29 March, however we may meet then and rehearse ourselves.

Action:  Kent will let Demolay contact person know

  1. Social Gathering:  Chrissy Martin has suggested a pizza function at her place early in the year

Action:  Chris R to approach Chrissy M about idea of having lunch at her place (pizza) after February workshop with Carla

  1. Coordinating with Elaine Coates:

One Day One Choir – September 22nd, International Peace Day & joint concert, suggested by Elaine.

Action:  Pam will invite Elaine to come along to first Voce meeting in2016 and discuss this with us.  

  1. Finances:   All expenses for 2015 have been  covered and current balance is very healthy
  2. Repertoire:  Carla to look at some songs to start us in 2016 and hopefully get parts recorded before rehearsals begin and prepare for performances. Proposed performances are:
  • May (First Coat
  • impromptu performance at Bon Amici’s (June)
  • Languages & Cultures Festival (August)
  • Spring Sing (September)
  • Big Sing (October)
  • joint concert with Elaine Coates’ choirs (November).
  1. Accompanist:  Carla will think about her need for  this and get back to us depending on repertoire.
  2. Ordering Music:  Carla will organise reimbursement/payment with Catherine
  3. Next VOCE meeting Wednesday 27 January 2016, 6.30 pm at Rebecca’s

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