Practice Parts

Hi team,

Please find below some practice parts for I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free. Listen, learn, learn to love! These recordings came with the purchase of the song. I believe simply clicking on a link should start it downloading – if not, try right-clicking on the link, and then selecting the ‘save target as’ option.
I wish I knew (Soprano learning track)

I wish I knew (Alto learning track)

I wish I knew (Tenor learning track)

I wish I knew (Bass learning track)


Here also is some help for Father Father. I don’t quite have the time to sing through each part, but I hope to do this some time soon. In the meantime, here are the notes. Not particularly beautiful, but hopefully can help to learn some pitches between rehearsals.

Father Father alto

Father Father bass

Father Father sop

Father Father tenor

Finally, here are some old rehearsal tracks I first recorded when we learned Sing Me To Heaven a few years ago. I cannot attest to the current quality, but it hopefully will help new folks with their parts!

Sing Me to Heaven – Alto
Sing Me to Heaven – Bass
Sing Me to Heaven – Soprano
Sing Me to Heaven – Tenor


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