First Tuesday of April

Somehow this got stuck in drafts so it’s now “out of date” but I hadn’t forgotten to send out a first Tuesday “reminder”.

I know you don’t need any more reminders of what we are all missing but hope everyone is Keeping Safe and Keeping Singing!

A little bit of a personal plug:

I am presenting a French music and news show on community radio 102.7 Toowoomba DDB – first show going to air at 6pm TONIGHT!!! (Monday 6 April) It has been rushed through as another ethnic presenter is not available. It’s prerecorded and a bit rough (especially the French) but might introduce you to some French singers and escape from global news.
Remember to keep practising. See Matt’s rehearsal links in his recent posts and emails. Thank you, Matthew.
Michael M

P.S. First show sounded quite good, I think so hopefully #2 will go out next Monday at same time.

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