VOCE minutes 2014

Archived Voce minutes from 2014

VOCE Meeting  -  Tues 8 April, 2014

Present: Loretto, Dinah, Kent, Jane, Rebecca, Judy W., Pam, Astrid (on Skype)

Apologies: Catherine, Marion

1. Performance in the first half of the year:

Options discussed : Flash Mob at Rep Theatre

Jazz Club gig (performing with another local person)

Song at Dan Wilson’s 40th birthday Art Show

Choir festival in Tasmania

Our own concert/musical night

Decision: Dan’s 40th Art Show on Sat 14 June at 2.30pm

Wilsonton Art Gallery (Wilsonton  Shopping Centre)

followed by

Choir Party at Loretto’s place

Bring own food and drink

Performance options for consideration for next year:

Walk for Refugees on Palm Sunday

Disability Awareness Week

RSL Retirement Village Concert!

2. Spring Sing: Saturday 6 September

Venue: Pam to investigate Fairholme, Grammar, Downlands, Glennie asnumber of participants could be high. (Kent to confirm numbers )

Leaders: James Cuskelly and Astrid

Choirs:Choirbolical, Kodaly, T’ba Vocal Ensemble, Women in Harmony,

Viva la Musica (Warwick), Pittsworth Choir (Jane to invite),

Awakening Voices of Harmony -Indigenous choir in Warwick  (Kent/Pam to follow up)

Catering:Choirbolical members to bring a sweet and savoury plate

Cost:$20 waged; $10 unwaged

Program: 9.00 – Registration

9.30 – Workshop

11.00 – Morning tea

11.30 – Workshop

1.00 – Lunch

Break/ rehearsal for concert

3.00 – Concert

3. While Astrid’s Away

-  23 June – 29 July

– Astrid to investigate the possibility of a replacement conductor

-Recordings of all pieces will be on the website

– July 1 and 15 could be used for parts practice at De Molay or at people’s homes.

– In preparation for the Big Sing, an extra practice may be called in August (5th, 29th, 26th)

4.  Possible rehearsals in school holiday time

Historically Choirbolical has operated on the school term basis.  Kent raised for discussion the possibility of meeting during school holidays if these occurred over our usual rehearsal times of the first and third Tuesdays of the month.  Astrid is open to the possibility.  Some of the issues to consider would be the increase in fees necessary to cover what would be 2 or 3 extra rehearsals in the year.  Further discussion to follow.

Pam Wilson minute taker

VOCE Meeting – 10.6.14

Present:  Marion, Pam, Loretto, Dinah, Rebecca, Kent, Jane, Judy W

Apologies:  Catherine, Judy B, Noel

  1. Spring Sing:
  1. Glennie Concert Hall has been booked as a venue.    Need a large venue because over 100 choristers confirmed to attend.
  2. Choirs/number attending:
  • Choirbolical – 20-25
  • Pittsworth Choir – 20
  • Viva La Musica (Warwick) – 20
  • T/ba Vocal Ensemble – 12
  • Women  In Harmony – 20
  • Qld Kodaly Choir  – 50
  1. Publicity – work up flyer from last year.

Action:  Ask Judy B to update last year’s flyer with new information (directions via Vacy St, where people can park) and include Concert information

Action:  Kent to send flyer to participating choirs, requesting that they give information about vegetarian/gluten free attendees for catering puposes.

  1. Registration Table – Dinah, Judy, Chris and Marion
  2. Times:
  • Registration – 9 am
  • Workshop start – 9.30 am
  • Morning Tea – 11.00 – 11.45 am
  • Workshop – 11.45
  • Lunch 1.15
  • Concert – 2.30 pm
  1. Catering:
  • Allocated $750 for sandwiches/wraps for 150 participants.
  • Choirs asked to send names of people who are gluten free/vegetarian

Action:  Jane to order sandwiches and also coordinate coffee/milk/tea/cups etc

  1. Languages & Cultures Festival – suggestion that Choirbolical could be one of the “roving” choirs.    Date is Sunday 10 August – Astrid is available.

Action: Marion will send in expression of interest to organisers and if accepted, we will go ahead.  

  1. Astrid’s 3-session absence in July:  we will self-manage the rehearsals – practice in parts (each part to bring recording of their songs to practice with) and then spend some of the night coming together with all parts, etc.
  2. Meal allowance for Astrid.   Agreed to cover this.

Action:  Catherine to include in payment

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