Summary of the 5th and 12th Dec

Tues 5 Dec: 

Invite our families and groupies to the CUA HUB for a 7pm start, we warm up about 6:30pm.

Bring drinks and nibbles with us. Sing through our year’s wonderful repertoire as well as the Christmas songs before drinks and celebrations.

Tues 12 Dec:

Catherine has confirmed this date with the St V’s organiser.  Details are still to come but singing is between 6pm and 7pm in selected places in the hospital.  So we arrive about 5:30 for a run thru and meet at Entrance 2 on Scott St, opposite Impressions on Scott cafe.

If anyone would like to slip down the hill to Pam Wilson’s place for more chat and drinks afterwards everyone is welcome.

BYO everything.

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