Jazz & Extra Rehearsal

Jazz Club event is on next Friday 11th May – so anyone who is intending coming and would like another run through our songs you are invited to Brian and Dia’s  7pm this coming Tuesday – 8th.

Music – Love’s in Need,  Fields of Gold,  Weather With You, They’re Red Hot (google Moira Smiley)

Friday 11th – Jazz kicks off after 7.30pm at the North Toowoomba Bowls Club (Elworthy Street Harlaxton) with the Steven Henry Quartet. We will be singing in the first break after 8.30pm but encourage you to enjoy the whole night. http://www.toowoombajazz.com/index.php/11-coming-events/130-11-may-2018-stephen-henry-quartet.html

On another note – what a fabulous night singing our lungs out at PUB CHOIR Toowoomba – Thankyou ASTRID – may the 4th be always with you.

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