Dates for this year and next

Please check Repertoire as I have posted the Alto line for May I Suggest.  The other parts are still coming…

As we get to the busy time of year – here are a few dates for you to remember :-

Friday 16th Nov Social in private room at El Attar, please transfer $35 to chorbolical account prior to the date.  Partners welcome need to let Gail Hazell know how many are coming.

Tues 20th Nov Rehearsal

The 22nd Nov VOCE meeting

Tues 4th Dec Last Rehearsal for 2018 (Bring a plate to share)

Fri 7th Dec Christmas carols at Xmas wonderland 7:30 to 8:15pm drinks afterwards @ Pam’s BYO food and drinks


Thu 17th Jan VOCE meeting

Tues 29th Jan First Rehearsal

Tues 5th Feb Rehearsal

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