After some discussions via email between VOCE members and following advise from a member of the medical profession, it has been decided that there will be NO CHOIRBOLICAL REHEARSALS  until further notice. This includes TOMORROW (17th MARCH).

I guess it is difficult to maintain social distancing in the context of our singing practices. Matt put it more eloquently  ” putting rehearsals on hold because of all the spitting, heavy breathing and ‘gas-bagging’ that’s involved, as well as the close proximity”. 
Perhaps prophetic that I put “as normal” in inverted commas in the last post. Times are certainly not normal and call for even this small sacrifice. Some members are not so much worried for themselves but for more elderly or vulnerable family members at home. 
Maybe we can join in Astrid’s Pub Choir “Couch Choir” – check out posts tonight on Facebook.
Our May Concert has also been postponed. We will keep you as informed as possible and in the meantime keep practising with the wonderful parts Matt recorded which can be found in our repertoire section.
Keep well and keep singing.


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