Great response to the late notice on the weekend – no one turned up! Thanks Matt for being there just in case anyone had missed the emails. So the system seems to be working well.

Since then an email group, loosely under the VOCE label has exchanged quite a few emails and ideas, ranging from some kind of Skype/Facetime link up for practice, to small group (SATB) practices, to meeting in a park.

We think it is important that these “discussions” be opened up to the larger Choirbolical community. I am not sure how this is best done. Someone else may be able to answer this. Can you simply “reply all” to this email or can you reply to this post so the discussions/conversations will be on this forum? Would Whatsapp be a better format to set up group discussions? Maybe someone tech savier can advise on the best way to go about this.

Some of those who wrote thoughts and ideas already may like to copy and paste them for all members to see. Kent expressed some ideas particularly well and I think that should be shared, as did a number of others. e.g. Eileen pointed out that the Met Opera has begun streaming operas for free at starting at 7.30 each evening and available for 20 hours.

Has anyone participated in Astrid’s Couch Choir? Recordings due by 7pm tomorrow so probably too short notice for some small groups to get together?

Finally Keep Well and Keep Singing

Michael for VOCE


  1. Just checking if you have to be logged in to comment. Looks like you don’t so this may be the best way to share thoughts, ideas rather than email replies. Thanks to a couple of people who have replied. Probably no need to go to any other platform if this is already in place unless we really want a Facetime/Whatsapp chat.

  2. Testing whether you can reply/comment without logging in. If this works then this might be the best way to share ideas, comments, jokes….to keep in touch rather than overloading emails. Thanks to a couple of people who have replied by email. If this works then there will be no need to go to another platform unless anyone really wants a Facetime or video link on Skype or Whatsapp.
    Don’t want to overload emails especially for those caught up in work ones.
    Hope everyone keeping well.

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