Chewsday Check-in

Tomorrow is a fifth Tuesday, so once again we will be missing our usual commitment to Choirbolical and all that that means to us.

Some members of VOCE are planning a conference call meeting to discuss the latest developments.

You may be aware that Astrid and Couch Choir will be part of Australian Story on ABC tonight (Monday). (Not sure if you will receive this before then. Check it out on i-view).

We hope everyone is still well.

We have instructions from Matt to keep practising so KSKS.

Michael M

9 thoughts on “Chewsday Check-in

  1. Nice comment from Pam. Lovely personal touch!

    Dear, wonderful Astrid, what a fabulous way to finish Aust Story tonight! Warming and joyous!
    Besides seeing your smile, we had an extra thrill to see Dan’s Flame Tree on your wall near the mosaic of happy singing faces.
    Keep well and full of bounce.
    Much love

  2. Thank you Matt for the YouTube ‘rehearsal’. I really liked the warm-ups and the way it all worked. Felt very realistic.. Brilliant.
    Thank you also Michael for keeping us in touch.
    What a breath of fresh air it was to see Astrid on Australian Story! So inspiring.
    Keep safe.

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