Choirbolical ‘Check-in’

Hi All,

Hope you are well and still smiling amidst the chaos. I doubt it is a coincidence that the word ‘pandemic’ contains the word ‘panic’!

But this post is a positive one to let you know that I will be working toward creating fortnightly rehearsal videos for you all. It is important to keep spirits high and to keep singing! Whilst you won’t hear your friends voices – hopefully seeing my face will give you enough of a boost to get us through these isolating times (or have you run for the hills… either/or).

First video is available at the following link –

For now – keep listening to the tracks and rehearse along with the ‘full’ versions of the recordings. Feel free to leave comments/email me at [email protected] if you have any suggestions or there are sections of pieces you would like more assistance on.

Stay safe and well and look forward to the next (but hopefully temporary) chapter of choirbolical ONLINE!!!

Much love, Matt xx

5 thoughts on “Choirbolical ‘Check-in’

  1. Thankyou so much Matt for checking in with us. Teaching is a whole new world and I’ve been thinking about you. We are going to love your fortnightly online rehearsals. Marion xx
    Ps love the empty chairs behind you but would you mind setting them out properly l! Just kidding.

  2. Thanks Matt. Really enjoyed ‘Connecting’ again and seeing your happy face. This is a fabulous idea and has certainly lifted my day, and will again tomorrow when I practice with you again. Thanks for your energy and sense of fun.
    Take care until next time.
    Chrissie Martin xx

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  4. A bit out of sync here, Matt but finally getting to sit down….I mean stand..and watch..I mean participate in these rehearsals. Very well done. Thank you.


    Hey Lovely Singers,
    Inspired by Loretto I have found another Choirbolical oldie but goodie.
    Thank you Matt for bringing such lightness and joy into my day.
    I hope every one is well and enjoying some good down time.

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