19th July Rehearsal – Laurel Bank Park

Hi All,

Hope you are well and keen to get back together to sing! I want to keep our first time back singing en-masse (and in person) quite simple, so we will do some familiar pieces! Please dig out your copies of the following to bring along on Sunday, 19th July (2:30pm bring-your-own-coffee for a 3pm start):

  • Baraka na wewe
  • Connected
  • Ya Basta

Very much looking forward to seeing you all there! Do let me know if you have any questions!

Much love and keep smiling,

Matt ^_^

In Flanders Fields

Helllo Everyone,

Hope you are all well. Missing your wonderful faces each fortnight. I have added some new repertoire (though I believe some of you may have done it before) to the repertoire section. The parts are also there, so feel free to listen to your part until you are comfortable to sing with the ‘full’ track. I would love to do some kind of tribute in honour of Anzac Day – which won’t feel quite the same this year with no dawn services… more details to come. But for now, happy practising!

Much love,

Matt xx

Ave Verum Corpus parts are up!

Hello All,

Quick note to say that parts for Ave Verum Corpus are up in the repertoire section. Download away and practise your part (and then singing along with the ‘Full’ version to see how you go keeping your part against the others.

Sending lots of love and best wishes – stay safe and well.

Matt xx

New rehearsal video

Hi All,

Hope that you are all safe, healthy and still smiling! I have uploaded another digital rehearsal for you to (hopefully) enjoy – focusing on Prayer of the Children. This is available at the following link – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LarR5o63yEQ

Do let me know if you have any questions. Missing you all – but lets keep making music practising so that when the time comes that we can be together we are sounding fab!

Lots of love,


Choirbolical ‘Check-in’

Hi All,

Hope you are well and still smiling amidst the chaos. I doubt it is a coincidence that the word ‘pandemic’ contains the word ‘panic’!

But this post is a positive one to let you know that I will be working toward creating fortnightly rehearsal videos for you all. It is important to keep spirits high and to keep singing! Whilst you won’t hear your friends voices – hopefully seeing my face will give you enough of a boost to get us through these isolating times (or have you run for the hills… either/or).

First video is available at the following link – https://youtu.be/U6BEXBr4o7Y

For now – keep listening to the tracks and rehearse along with the ‘full’ versions of the recordings. Feel free to leave comments/email me at [email protected] if you have any suggestions or there are sections of pieces you would like more assistance on.

Stay safe and well and look forward to the next (but hopefully temporary) chapter of choirbolical ONLINE!!!

Much love, Matt xx

Part recordings are up!

Hi All,

I have completed parts for Baraka Na Wewe, Connected, Africa and Prayer of the Children. These can be found under the ‘Repertoire’ tab. Feel free to download your respective part to rehearse and then the ‘FULL’ version to see how you go holding your part against the other parts. Happy practising and see you Tuesday next week!

Matt ^_^

Welcome to 2020!

Hi all,

I hope you had a nice holiday season. So very excited to be starting a new year of singing with you all. I have uploaded the sheet music of four new pieces (found under the repertoire tab) for you to download/print and bring along to our first rehearsal on the 4th February at De Molay House – 6:45pm arrival for a 7pm start. Very much looking forward to seeing your smiling faces!