In Flanders Fields

Helllo Everyone,

Hope you are all well. Missing your wonderful faces each fortnight. I have added some new repertoire (though I believe some of you may have done it before) to the repertoire section. The parts are also there, so feel free to listen to your part until you are comfortable to sing with the ‘full’ track. I would love to do some kind of tribute in honour of Anzac Day – which won’t feel quite the same this year with no dawn services… more details to come. But for now, happy practising!

Much love,

Matt xx

2 thoughts on “In Flanders Fields

  1. Thanks Matt, great song & tribute for the next couple of weeks. I remember rehersing this with Choirbolical, oh must have been 12 to 14 years ago. It’s sounded fabulous with the harmonies. Look forward to practicing this and eventual get together!

  2. Bless your heart Matt!
    All the tracks to practice are gold!
    Hey, if looking at a camera lense is too much, put a bobble head doll or teddy bear by the camera ? which will certainly remind you of all of us! tee hee
    Cheers dear! Rebecca

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