Coming Up

Our ‘isolation’ choir song is coming together beautifully with zoom practices, singing along to Matt’s fabulous videos and even the odd socially distant sing in the park.

What is coming up?

This week

·       Put the music away and practice singing along to Matt’s video of your part using headphones (or at least one so you can hear yourself and Matt). Videos are located under Repertoire tab when you log in.

·       Try videoing yourself singing. Instructions below.

Next zoom rehearsal – Tues 26th May

·       We will sing through the song then have time to trouble shoot and problem solve queries about recording.

Following week 27th May -2nd June 

·       Time to record.

INSTRUCTIONS for recording

1.       Use 2 devices. One – listen, and watch Matt while singing along with headphones. Two – a recording device e.g quality phone.   Don’t forget to clap!

2.       Frame yourself in Landscape. Check you are framed well in the space, not too close/too far away, square on rather than looking up your nose and check what is in the background behind you.

3.       Check your face has light on it. Daytime recordings with extra house/lamp lights on works well.

4.       Check quality of sound on your recording device. If you miss a note or make a mistake that’s fine, but the overall quality of the sound should be clear.

5.       Lastly, be colourful, have fun and smile a lot in this song.

To add a little character to the video you have the option to also send a second very short (5sec) video of yourself outside doing something you love with views of gardens, trees, sky clouds, kids (the audio will not be used but the images may). 

If you haven’t seen our trial video yet – this was a few of us singing Ave Verum working out the process with Matt and our technician Andrew in Sydney who is putting it together.

Password: Choirbolical

Further instructions re: final recording and submitting videos coming next week. 


p.s. A few Choirbolicals can be spotted in the latest Couch Choir of Love’s in Need of Love Today – a song we sang together not so long ago. Congratulations to Astrid and her team.

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