Happy Christmas holidays

It has been quite a year of singing ‘moments’. Some of them all by our very selves. But it was a delightful way to end the year making this truly ZOOMED recording (with Astrid’s sound engineering to pull it together). For those who missed the recording session -here it is: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1nToZbEl42SC2_FStn3OddC16vxyHG3Qr/view

 If the link does not work email Rob and he will forward the private YouTube link.

Thankyou to both Matt and Astrid for carrying us through this crazy year. We look forward to our 20th year of Choirbolical in 2021. Stay tuned for what that might look like but if you know anyone who knows anyone that would like to try a musical conducting gig with an amazing bunch of people, get in touch with us!!

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