VOCE ‘Spring Sing ‘21’ committee minutes.

Spring Sing Workshop.     Working Group 1/6/21

Purpose of Spring Sing: to promote community singing, community choirs in Toowoomba and surrounding areas

Attendance:    Linda, Rob, Elspeth, Alison, Judy, Chris R., Lee. The committee would love a couple more volunteers.

Details: Saturday 9th October 2021.   

Workshop 8.30 – 4pm; Venue access 7.45 – 5pm.

60 – 90 participants, depending on venue Format: block for each conductor, concert in afternoon – performances by visiting groups, massed choir.

Conductors:   Graeme Morton and Morgan Chalmers

Linda meeting Graeme in Brisbane on 17/6.   Seek written confirmation for 9th October

Insurance: Covered for everything except covid related issues. (Rob)

Budget: As suggested by Rob in email 1/6/21, depending on confirmation of costs. ie: 1 or 2 directors; venue hire 

Covid: Venues will have existing plan to be followed, including numbers allowable. Issues with provision of food – pre-packaged?  suppliers? venue facilities? Coffee Guy willing to attend (Rob)

Venue: Elspeth and Alison to explore options. Considerations:  audiovisual facilities, numbers, piano, catering (onsite, external), parking USQ –   space for social distancing, catering,  Choral Society Hall / Philharmonic Hall (?) – space, indoor and outdoor space. Schools – covid restrictions problematic for venue. Millennium Centre (TAS) – suitable venue to hire for purpose. Armitage Centre – Empire Theatre, possible Regional Arts grant? Church:  Alison to check with her Church

Music – chosen by conductors, variety, 2-3 choices each before publicity, printed or AV or digital copies?  Copyright issues?

Food – bring own or supply? coffee/ tea ?

Covid plan – venue and amend Choirbolical plan (Lee)

Publicity – print (Judy?), media and social media (Linda?) expression of interest/registration to local choirs (Rob has list), schools (staggered approach), USQ students

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