Practice files

Morgan has created this link to practice files for learning parts of two of our current repertoire:

To use the files, select your part from the numbered lists below. This way you can practice your part plus your part against other parts. A hard copy of the list below will be available next week at rehearsal.

Jesu, Dolcis Memoria

  1. Bass only 2. Tenor only 3. Alto only 4. Soprano only 5. Bass & tenor 6. Bass & alto 7. Tenor & alto 8. Tenor & sop 9. Bass & sop 10. Sop & alto 11. Sop and alto 12. Bass, alto, sop 13. Tenor, alto, sop 14. Bass, tenor, sop 15. Sop dominant 16. Alto dominant 17. Tenor dominant 18. Bass dominant

Walk Away Renee

19. Bass (instrumental) 20. Tenor (instr) 21. Alto (instr) 22. Sops (instr) 23. Bass dominant (inst) 24. Tenor dominant (inst) 25. Alto dominant (inst) 26. Sop dominant (inst) 27. Bass (chorus) 28. Tenor (chorus) 29. Alto (chorus) 30. Sop (chorus) 31. Bass dominant (chorus) 32. Tenor dominant (chorus) 33. Alto dominant (chorus) 34. Sop dominant (chorus) 35. Complete recording!!

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