Voce minutes & forward planning.


Present: Alison, Elspeth, Linda, Lee, Marion, Rob

Apologies: Chrissie R, Chrissie R, Morgan

  • Financials. Presented by Rob. Some folks still have a credit from cancelled Chilli Sing as we end the year so we would love you to carry that over to deduct from next year’s fees.  Anyone who wants to know more see Rob. 
  • Spring Sing. Financials being finalised but pleased to report that Spring Sing broke even. Thank-you to Elspeth who prepared the online forms for registrations and managed the payments. Review: Linda reported many positives – scheduling great, food packs; excellent presenters – thankyou to Graeme & Morgan for the musical challenges; photography and video was not organised and worth considering next time; venue – great facilities except for sound quality; coffee van Second Shot – happy with day; Communication/marketing – challenging to get an answer so might be strategic to get a response eg poll with yes/no; signage – need a second pole for 2nd banner. Advertising/name tags fabulous and thank-you to Judy. Finally a big thankyou to Linda & Lee and others in the team that worked tirelessly to bring together a great Spring Sing day.
  • End-of-Year.
    Rehearsals: 2/11;16/11/; 30/11; 7/12. 
  • Events Jazz Club performance Friday night 12/11/21   
  • Jazz performance- details to be posted soon. Need to confirm accompanist for performance etc with Morgan.                       End of year Breakup Event to celebrate a great year and to sing through all our repertoire. At final rehearsal 7/12. – 6pm bring a plate to share & own drinks to have on the lawn beside DeMolay. 7.30 a Sing-in-the-Round with family and friends. Cuppa to finish. 
    – Musical director – Morgan to continue in the role in 2022 if available and we will welcome his ongoing enthusiasm, education and love of music. 
  • – 20Years of Choirbolical in 2022. Suggested celebration – past musical directors asked to choose a piece of favourite music from our time with them. Possibly send a  teaching video or come for one introductory rehearsal then we will continue to rehearse through the year (including some park sings). Invitation to everyone who has sung with Choirbolical past and present to be part of the ongoing celebration. Set a date in September for a 20years Concert! 
  • February 5th 2022 – Summer Workshop with Morgan if available. To book DeMolay. 
  • Looking forward to next year already!!! But meantime more singing this year. And a big welcome to all our new singers 🙂

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