Noel’s song

Hi everyone,

Noel has written a beautiful song and will perform at Tuesday’s concert. The suggestion is for VoiceMale and other Choirbolical men who wish to join him come forward to sing and the rest of the choir stay at the sides to join in the chorus. I’m very sorry but I cannot load the audio file but below are the lyrics. If you can come by 6.30pm there may be an opportunity to run through the song before the concert begins.

The Last Bird of all.???????Noel Keller

VERSE 1:?When the last bird falls down from the sky

(Noel)??When the last dream awakes, wondering why

When the last tear forever runs dry

When the last bird of all gives a call and falls down from the sky?

CHORUS:?We are playing with fire and ice 

(All)??Rolling the dice ?

We think it’s a game

That we get to play twice ?

We think it’s a hoax?

And we think it’s a lie?

We think it’s a problem for somebody else ?

And that’s our alibi -bi- bi.

VERSE 2:?When the last bird falls down from the sky

(Noel)??When the last summer breeze whispers“Goodbye”

When the last prayer forgets how to cry  

When the last bird of all gives a call and falls down from the sky

CHORUS:?ALL  ( building up ….   )

VERSE 1:?ALL  ( still and quiet; unaccompanied )

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