Chilly Sing Cancellation

Dear (once) Choirbolical Chilly Singers,

It is with some sadness to hear from James that he has had to cancel the Chilly Sing. Such a disappointment. The decision based on participants & workshop presenters unable to attend in NSW and growing concerns. James anticipates the event will be rescheduled… Great news! I am happy to refund Registration and Coach fees now or in the future if you request, otherwise I will keep these as a credit for his future rescheduled (not so Chilly) Workshop. I have a list of all your payments from the Bendigo Bank Statement.

Thank you for your patience and we can now look forward to our Spring Sing at Highfields Primary School on Saturday 9 October &, the Jazz Club, likely for Friday evening,19 November. Please pencil these dates in your diary!
Warm Regards,

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