Rehearsal Update – Tuesday, 1st August

All singers are reminded to come along for some musical fun this coming Tuesday night – 6:45pm for 7:00pm start. This is a perfect time for new members to join as we are learning new repertoire to perform later in the year. It is also a perfect time for previous Choirbolical members who haven’t been able to sing with us for a while to come along for some healing singing therapy with friends old and new! Please see the Repertoire tab for details of the new songs we are learning – if you like Bob Dylan, a bit of rhythmical jazz, or a rollicky Aussie folk song, this is the choir for you. See you there!

New Repertoire for rehearsals from Tuesday, 18 July onwards!

Hello Choirbolicalians!

After a hugely successful past month with the National University of Singapore Society Choir Concert and a brilliant day at the Chilly Sing in Tenterfield, we are looking forward to seeing as many singers as possible at our next rehearsal so we can learn new repertoire together for future performances! Please click on the repertoire page to download and print the songs we will be singing. Our new songs include some gorgeously arranged folk music (The Times They Are a Changin’), gospel style socially conscious music (United in Purpose), community choir music we will learn by rote (Breathing In Breathing Out) and rollicky, playful and fun Aussie music (Cabbage Tree Hat). See you all on Tuesday!

Singing Practice

Hello Choirbolicalians! It’s time to warm-up those voices and show your family members (and neighbours) just how much singing talent you have! Please practise the following pieces for our next rehearsal on Tuesday, 21 March:

  1. Flame (Piece #5) – rehearsal tracks made by the composer have just been added to the repertoire tab so please sing along with the tracks to learn your part
  2. Can’t Help Falling in Love (Piece #2) – please sing along with the rehearsal track
  3. A Light of Hope, A Song of Peace (Piece #3) – please sing along with the rehearsal track
  4. Love Prepare Me (Piece # 4) – no rehearsal tracks for this one, just sheet music to sing along with

These 4 pieces, along with Sing and Make You Feel My Love will form the set we perform at our first Pop Up Performance on Sunday, 23 April. This informal performance will be something exciting to look forward to and prepare for!

We will also have a sing through of our brand new piece, United in Purpose (Piece #8), but there are no rehearsal tracks for this one yet. Hopefully we will also have time to sing through the beginning of The Times They Are a Changin. We have lots of music to sing at the moment so spending some time to sing through your parts at home will be quite valuable for our rehearsals! See you soon wonderful Choirbolicalians!