VOCE Meeting


Present: Marion, Andrew, Brian, Rebeka, Ritamay, Catherine, Di, Kent

Apologies: Margaret

1. Web Site. We had a guided tour through the new web site (which this is now posted on)

2. Finances. We currently have a healthy balance. All accounts have been paid except for the construction of this web site. Once an invoice is received we can pay this. Kent will pay for hire of venue for Spring Sing and be reimbursed for that on the day.

3. Spring Sing. Choral Hall has been booked for Spring Sing for whole day. James Cuskelly will conduct workshop – Kent will double-check his availability. Marion will prepare flyer.

4. Christmas Lights Carols. Check with Choirbolical members and Margaret next rehearsal whether we have enough people available – it could be a really good chance to get up and sing some Christmas songs/carols together in public.